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Dog attacked by coyote in Chagrin Falls, OH


An eight year old Yorkie named Riley was attacked by a coyote in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, after he decided to take himself for a walk.

Riley's family lives on Tanglewood Trail along a golf course. When he returned from his walk, he was covered in snow and ice and there was blood all over his neck and face.

The family is understandable shaken up as it was touch and go for awhile. Riley has completely recovered but it was a very close call.

Pet owners need to be aware that coyotes are present and a danger to their animals. Precautions need to be taken, including never leaving your pet out alone and always keeping your pet on a short leash, not a retractable one that allows them to roam. Be vigilant.

Mating season for coyotes is normally around February and they have dens with pups in them in April. They become very ferocious and protective of their young. Coyotes travel in packs and work together to lure their prey.

Riley's family no longer allowes him or their other dogs to go on walks without them. They are keeping a close eye on their dogs now.

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