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Dog and cat coughing a cause for concern?

Cough syrup for animals?
Cough syrup for animals?
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If your dog has been doing more eating and drinking out the trashcan or at dog parks, than out of his dish, you may have a problem. The exposure of your pet to bacteria may influence the rate at which it contracts puppy or kitty bronchitis and influenza. One of the key indicators of a sick puppy, is coughing while taking it for a walk, also known as kennel cough. As it turns out, kennel cough is contagious between cats and dogs, and is transferable to humans.

Short of a doctor's visit, you may attempt to treat your dog's cough with hyssop or drosera from the herbal remedy cabinet. If the cough continues for longer than one week and shows no sign of lessening, it is time to see your vet. Most vaccinations cover common disease, and many strains exist,as with influenza. Your kitten or puppy can never be one hundred percent protected with an intranasal preventative treatment.

The best remedy for your animal can be determined by a quick phone call to your local veterinarian. It is better to play it safe, than to risk an inactive, sick animal. The most susceptible animals are the young ones and old-aged, but transmission of disease occur anytime. If you have not kept your pet active, which provides an immunity to disease, your pet could be, possibly, storing-up a bad infection.