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'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt' grows as other family members join in the hunt

Dog and Beth

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt is a family business. As the show continues on TV, members of Dog's family are joining the ranks of bounty hunting.

"Dog The Bounty Hunter" debuted on August 2004 on A&E. The series ran for 8 seasons until the show was cancelled in 2012. They had many family members working with them. Dog'sw sons Leland and Duane Lee, and his daughter Lyssa, or Baby Lyssa, as they referred to her in the show. Tim Chapman also appeared on the show for a time. In 2013, CMT picked up their show, changing the name to "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt."

Half of his family would not join him this time because of family issues. Dwayne Lee and Lisa refused. Many fans wrote letters to say that if Leland didn’t come on the show, they would not watch. As they showed the conflict between father and son. in the beginning episodes, the two men made peace with each other and Leland came onboard.

This year, Leland’s son Dakota has joined the show. Dog told Zap2It that his grandson Dakota went through ROTC in the state of Hawaii. After he graduated the United States Armed Services wanted him, but he was going to follow in his dad and his grandfather's footsteps.

"Dog and Beth: On the Hunt" is different from the series on A&E. Dog and Beth travel from city to city in the US, helping other bondsmen and women catch fugitives. They take the time to motivate, inspire, and educate the bounty hunters so they will become better in all aspects of the job. From the office to the streets, Dog and his family shows them the best way to running a more efficient business.

Since Dog became a bounty hunter, 27 years ago, he has captured over 7,000 fugitives. He’s written two books “You Can Run But You Can't Hide” and “Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given.” Both books hit the New York Times bestselling list.

Gary, the youngest child of Dog and Beth, also wants to bounty hunt. Dog said, "My youngest is 13 and he's lying that he's 15 and 16 to get a ride along with the police. His teacher calls me and says a boy jumped a girl at school and Gary sat on him. He held the guy in a headlock until the teacher came."

Dog and Beth came from meager beginnings. Beth told Zap2It that they have worked hard to get where they are now. She wants people to know that even if a person comes from a poor family, things can turn around.

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