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Dog all weather jacket, Buggsly

Dog all weather jacket
Dog all weather jacket

Every dog deserves to feel good & protected from the elements

Some pet guardians just don’t get that “dogs” actually are incredibly sensitive to the weather.

Especially short haired dogs. They get cold!

With this last winter, aka as the Polar Zone, if you were not aware of this before, I am sure your pet’s let you know loud and clear, that “it’s to cold outside”.

Imagine yourself going out into the cold, rain, sleet, snow and hail, naked!

Well that is exactly how your dog feels. Not so good.

Yes there are people that just don’t get it when one suggest that you suit up your dog to go out into the elements, “a dog is a dog”. Heard it many times.

I must admit that when I see dogs prancing around in a mini skirt, or tuxedo while I do smile, I also get that it is not truly practical. It serves something in the way of entertainment to us humans, not so sure the dogs agree. But they love us enough to humor us.

When it is cold, wet and windy outside my natural instinct tells me that if I would not weather the storm so to speak naked, my dog should not be expected to either.

Our dog deserves some kind of protection & comfort in harsh weather conditions, be it in the form of a sweater, coat, jacket, in certain conditions even dog boots.

Once you “get the” concept, the next challenge is finding something that fit’s properly, can breathe so they do not overheat and does not make your dog look like the circus just came to town. (Although you may enjoy the laughter that follows).

Let me introduce you to a new “jacket” in town called Buggsly Black Label. They have taken dog apparel to a new level.

Buggsly™ Black Label is a line of engineered dog jackets with an emphasis on safety, functionality, comfort, and care for the environment.

  • The Jackets are manufactured using a light-weight, technical smart fabric called Dintex®, which features a thin membrane made from recycled water bottles that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. These features provide advanced protection from the elements and increase the health and well-being of your dog.
  • Jackets are designed with a highly reflective, 500 candle-power trim, increasing your dog’s visibility and safety when outside in the dark.
  • The streamlined design has been vigorously tested to ensure a natural, functional, and comfortable fit, meant to be worn as your dog’s second skin in all weather conditions.
  • An eco-friendly brand, pledging to use natural or recycled materials as much as possible.
  • For every Buggsly™ product purchased, a portion of proceeds will be donated to charities

How it was born:

Buggsly™ Black Label was founded by two dog owners–Michael Flint and Cassidy Morgan–who could not find a product that addressed the needs of their dog, Buggsly. "We were looking for a product that would create a comfortable, functional, insulating barrier from the elements, without taking away from Buggsly's ability to be a dog." The qualities:

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Light-weight
  • Stream-lined design
  • Eco-friendly

"We started by spending hundreds of dollars on other brands' dog jackets, and found that they were not what we were looking for. There were some that were waterproof, but looked like a baggy poncho. Others were warm, but were cumbersome and heavy, so Buggsly was unable to play naturally with his friends at the dog park. Some of the jackets that we found even had hoods on them... Whoever thought hoods were a good idea on dog jackets was seriously mistaken. If the hood wasn't falling over Buggsly's eyes, it was being tugged on by other dogs at the dog park. The jackets that we did like did not fit properly, and hung like a cape from Buggsly's body. So, we had a choice to make. Buy jackets that did not fit and get them tailored, or make a jacket from scratch. :

The decision was easy and Buggsly was born.

Buggsly™ Black Label jackets are currently available for pre-order on Kick starter, a crowd sourced funding website, with an official launch scheduled for April, 2014.

Your support in pledging to the campaign will guarantee your dog is the first to own the coolest dog jacket ever made and ensure your peace of mind in putting your dogs’ safety, comfort and style first.

Get your pre-orders in now: click here

Get prepared this year for the weather to come…

Thank you Buggsly for being such an inspiration, my dog will be sporting one soon.

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