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Dog adopted for police work is later euthanized because of breed ban

Rescued dog put down because of his breed
Rescued dog put down because of his breed
Avon and Somerset Police

According to Monday's BBC News, a dog who was recently adopted from the RSPCA, with the intent to be trained as a working dog for the Avon and Somerset police in the United Kingdom, has been euthanized.

The dog, later identified as a pit bull mix, was discovered by the police agency after he was featured on a television show called The Dog Rescuers. The handsome dog who had been selected and who underwent months of training to become a "sniffer" dog, was returned to the RSPCA West Hatch Animal Center after "breed experts" determined that he fell into a category of dogs which is banned by the government.

According to the publication, the rescued dog, named "Tyson," was put down at the animal center, which could not rehome him.

Inspector Dave Eddy told BBC News:

"It can be very hard to identify the dangerous breeds if they are mixed with other breeds that look similar, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

"In Tyson's case, it was our expert Dog Legislation Officers who identified the physical traits.

"We will continue to use rescue dogs and work with the RSPCA to use rescue dogs wherever possible."

The individuals who worked with Tyson, both at the police agency and at the RSPCA, were described as "devastated" over the tragic outcome. The local government agency which upholds the breed restrictive laws claims that they are in place to protect the public from "fighting dogs." Even though Tyson would have been a working police dog, the label by the breed expert immediately branded him as dangerous, which in turn, equated to a death sentence.

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