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Dog 'adopted and unadopted' at shelter in two days: Husband said back he goes

It's hard to believe that someone adopting a dog from a shelter only gives the pooch two days to become "perfect"?
Donna Wall/ San Bernardino City Animal Shelter

UPDATE: Scott has been rescued and is safely in his new home. This morning the National Pet Rescue Examiner received the following email:

"Thank you for your article about Scott the shelter dog that was adopted and returned because the husband says no. It was this article that I read that captured my heart. Scott now known as New Boss is now adopted into the RIGHT family. Here is his before and after picture. Shelter animals are the best! It takes a lot of effort and time to save one dog but it's worth it when you see the outcome of all the hard work. "New Boss"
Any "

Check out his rescue pictures on the National Pet Rescue Examiner Facebook page.

Many thanks to everyone who shared Scott's story.

A one-year-old American bulldog and pit bull mix, loved by the volunteers and staff at San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, because he exudes gentleness and love, sadly stares at the door of the shelter; expecting his family to come and rescue him at any moment. Poor little Scott whimpers softly when no one appears.

What makes this story even sadder is that Scott actually went home this week. Wagging his tail and smiling that special doggy grin, Scott eagerly walked away from the high kill California shelter, but his celebration was all too short lived.

The husband said, "no go, take him back to the shelter," and despite knowing what a return to a California high kill shelter often means, and double that danger when there is some pit bull breeding in his collective DNA, Scott is back.

Check out his PetHarbor listing by clicking here.

A volunteer who has met Scott says this about the sad little boy:

~Bridget Blitsch: " I met this baby at the shelter; he is the sweetest and most loving dog ever! He just wants to be loved. please somebody save him!"

Follow Scott's Facebook page by clicking here.

Check Scott's video.

Volunteers and animal advocates are currently pledging funds for an approved rescue organization. For more information, please click here.

Please share Scott's story with your friends, family and coworkers. Sharing saves lives. It only takes a few moments to forward this article onto a Facebook friend or someone at work. The message only needs to find that one special person or organization who can help this dog.

For more information about this animal, call:
San Bernardino City Animal Control located at 333 Chandler Place in San Bernardino, Calif. Please call 909.384.1304
Ask for information about animal ID number A470896

Hours and Days of Operation: Closed Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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