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Dog accused of killing senior golden retriever at dog park has returned home

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According to Friday's publication of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the dog accused of killing a senior golden retriever at a Missouri dog park late last month, has been returned to his owner.

Zeus, a Great Dane, was able to leave the custody of the St. Charles County animal control and go back to his home on Friday. Nick Andres, the guardian of the dog who was killed, knew that the dog was released, and he is said to be "satisfied" with the situation.

Andres' senior dog, "Buddy," died on March 30 at the Quail Ridge dog park in Wentzville - after the attack, the owner of the Great Dane left, but later, surrendered his dog to animal control officials.

Zeus' owner, identified as Bryon Orzel, has stated that there were three dogs involved in the fight that day and that his dog was mistakenly blamed. Orzel took to Facebook in an effort to garner support for his dog, who is described as a "gentle giant," in order to have him freed from animal control.

On Friday, a statement was posted to the Free Zeus Facebook page, which stated, in part:

I would personally like to say sorry for the pain and loss that the owners of buddy are going through. I'm sure this has been hard for them too..I have felt horrible about it since I found out that buddy passed away.

I am relieved with the out come of Zeus's fate and extremely happy he is home where he belongs.

After passing a behavioral review, Zeus was released, but there are certain conditions which his family must adhere to, including: Zeus must attend training and socialization classes, he may no longer visit dog parks or other off-leash animal facilities, and he will now be required to wear a no-bite muzzle if there is any potential of encountering unfamiliar people or animals.

A necropsy on Buddy's body did not reveal any puncture wounds or crushing injuries - in fact, there was nothing discovered to indicate the actual cause of death.

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