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Dog Abuser Desmond Hague has Been Fired

Desmond Hague: job seeker
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This column is not always an eye for an eye type, but in addition to losing his job, Hague should be kicked and beaten by someone or thing geometrically bigger and heavier than him.

He should be encased in a cramped urine soaked box without food or water. And when he is examined by a doctor, he, the doctor, should discover evidence of abuse. (This all happened to the dog Sade.)

Hague had been CEO of a large corporation, Centerplate. He is now unemployed. Social media should follow him and threaten boycotts and petitions against the next company foolish enough to hire him.

One of the early warning signs that a child will be violent and cruel is evidenced by animal abuse. That signals a lack of empathy and compassion mixed with cruelty and animalistic domination.

Sorry Sade- don’t take offensive at the term animalistic. Sade is the dog that had been abused by Hague. Here’s hoping her next home will be filled with love and kindness.

CEO’s should not be cruel bullies. Yes, (Sade cover your long ears) it is a dog eat dog world but business does not have to be a zero sum game. A more humanistic approach is often better for all parties, including clients and competitors.

At the end, our legacy is the sum total of our actions.

In addition, being stupid is a problem. Hey Hague. There are video cameras in elevators. You abuse a dog on camera and it goes viral. End of story. So even if you weren’t a sadistic monster, you are a moron.

Really does Centerplate need a CEO like that?

The answer is no.

Initially, Centerplate proferred anger management and money for animals as the palliative action. But 180,000 folks wanted Hague's head and the end of his cushy job.

The first online petition was circulated to have Hague removed as head of this large corporation. Done. Now, another one has been launched to criminally charge him.

Have a nice day Desmond.

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