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Dog abused by child loses leg and is in need of veterinary help

Fighting for Dawn

A friendly little dog named "Joseph," has managed to survive horrific abuse at the hands of someone who should have been a devoted friend, rather than an enemy; the small Chihuahua was hurt by a child in his own family.

The abuse came at a cost - Joseph lost one of his front legs after it was badly broken. Later, the same family returned to the veterinary clinic when Joseph's remaining front leg was also that point in time the veterinarian realized that the dog was being abused and staff was able to convince the family to surrender ownership.

The rescue organization, Fighting for Dawn, recently learned about Joseph and the agency has decided to try and lend the abuse victim a hand.

The rescue agency described Joseph's current veterinary issues:

Joseph lost his first leg well over a year ago. It is now a stump that has begun to cause him pain. He often hits it on the ground or other surfaces and whimpers and shakes. It is very pitiful. This stump has become a nuisance to him.

He was then brought in with damage to the second leg. The vet has tried to repair it twice to no avail. He has been through surgeries that didn't help. Dealt with external fixators that didn't correct the deformity. The leg is very weak and unstable. He simply can't use it straight to walk properly. Walking for him is awkward and painful.

Not only is he walking on the lower portion of his leg, he is forced to bend over at an uncomfortable position. Due to this, he has a hump back that the vet feels is also causing him further pain and discomfort.

Joseph has lived at a vet clinic for months. He is very excited to now be in a home sleeping in a bed.

Joseph has been taken to the rescue agency's veterinarian, who recommends that his remaining, deformed leg be amputated - Joseph will need a wheelchair to support the front portion of his body.

The rescue agency has noted Joseph's current situation and their hope for his future:

In the mean time, we are guarding the stump, carrying him around, pampering him. He is on many supplements to assist with pain and healing. He is on the best foods.
Fighting for Dawn wants to give Joseph the happy life he deserves. He was obviously dealt a bad hand from the get go but that can all be repaired. He loves to play with other dogs and we want him to have the chance to run and play and be a normal dog.

Anyone interested in helping the rescue agency provide the veterinary care that Joseph need to live a more comfortable life can visit Find Joseph's Amazon wish list at

Find Fighting for Dawn on Facebook here.

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