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Dog abuse caught on viral video becomes voice for fighting animal cruelty

On Monday, within 24 hours of being in the care of Karma Rescue, a dog named Daisy has become a celebrity; this time in a good way. Daisy had been the victim of Robert Martin's violent animal cruelty videoed by an eyewitness on August 8 in a Lancaster neighborhood. The cellphone video led to Martin's arrest and a subsequent charge of felony animal cruelty.

An eyewitness used his cellphone to video the entire cruelty situation. When the witness told the man pictured to stop abusing the dog, the man answered back cursing and threw out racial slurs.
Lindsey Cooks contributed photo and video

Eyewitness Lindsey Cooks told KTLA that he was waiting at a bus station with his son when he saw the shirtless man grab the leash of a black dog and viciously swing it around. Cooks used his cellphone to video the egregious cruelty as the man threw the dog in the middle of the street and the dog hit the pavement broadside. After the dog hit the road, she was able to flee and escape from her abuser.

Cooks yelled to the man to stop the abuse, but instead the man yelled racial slurs and obscenities.

Cooks then called the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Lancaster and reported the abuse, The dog was later found and taken to the Los Angeles County Animal Care. Martin was taken into custody.

When Karma Rescue, a Los Angeles based nonprofit animal rescue heard about the case, on Monday morning Daisy became part of their organization. On Tuesday, Daisy made headlines as she posed with In Sync Lance Bass.

"We are happy to report that Daisy is now safe in our care, and we will be helping to heal this sweet little dog's spirit with medical attention and lots of TLC so that she can find a forever home deserving of her love."

Daisy's plight and rescue will help to spread the word about adopting pets from local rescues and the importance of reporting animal abuse.

Click here to follow the organization's Facebook and the awesome work these animal lovers do to help.

"To support the care and rescue of Daisy and other LA shelter dogs, please consider making a donation to Karma Rescue. We are a tax-deductible non-profit run entirely on charitable donations from fellow animal lovers:"

Please be warned the attached video is violent in nature and shows animal cruelty. Viewer discretion is advised.

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