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Dog, abandoned at kennel, has waited three years for a home

Hugs needs a home
Hugs needs a home
The Forgotten Pet Advocates

It has been three years now...three long years that a gorgeous American bulldog mix named "Hugs," has been waiting for a family of her own.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates

Hugs, born in November 2011, was abandoned at a kennel with her sister, "Kisses." Hugs and Kisses were initially in poor condition...suffering from starvation and mange and all that comes with being neglected. Both dogs were treated and recovered and Kisses was lucky enough to find a home.

Unfortunately, Hugs is still waiting.

The Facebook page, The Forgotten Pet Advocates, is trying to help Hugs obtain her happily-ever-after. The following was written about this beautiful dog:

Her sister, Kisses has been adopted and Hugs is very lonely, and doesn't understand why she didn't go somewhere also. She is super sweet, loves everyone & loves to play! Hugs bags are packed and she is ready to go to home of her own!

Hugs is beautiful, playful, friendly and healthy - she needs one thing and one thing only - to be adopted by someone who will return her unwavering devotion.

Please take a moment to network on Hugs' behalf - she has waited far too long for a home of her own. Hugs is located in the Houston, Texas, area. Anyone who has questions or who is interested in adoption is asked to email Marlene at:

Facebook thread for Hugs here.

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