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Dog abandoned at boarding kennel urgently needs a home

Dog abandoned at boarding kennel urgently needs foster or adoptive home
Dog abandoned at boarding kennel urgently needs foster or adoptive home
Kimberly Thompson / Clean Slate Rescue & Rehabilitation

Gypsy has been waiting to find a family for a very long time - and now she needs to find a foster or adoptive home as soon as possible.

Dog abandoned at boarding kennel urgently needs foster or adoptive home
Kimberly Thompson / Clean Slate Rescue & Rehabilitation

This loving girl is currently waiting to find a family in Eugene, Oregon. Gypsy began her months-long journey for a home with her brother, Hobo, when their owner dumped them at the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, California in March of this year. Their owner claimed that he just "owned too many dogs."

The two mixed-breed dogs, who appear to be Labrador retriever/pit bull mixes, were both healthy when they were left at the shelter in March. Gypsy weighed in at 71 pounds when she arrived and her brother weighed 82. Unfortunately for the two dogs, they were pulled from the shelter by a rescuer who then transferred them from kennel after kennel for many months.

"These dogs were just re-dumped from kennel to kennel with NO PLAN to find them a foster home," stated Kimberly Thompson, rescuer with Clean Slate Canine Rescue & Rehabilitation, located in Eugene, Oregon. "I know of at least four people other than the person who pulled them from the shelter who knew where they were. They weren't visited or worked with at all."

The dogs were first placed in Paws 'n' Claws, Inc., a boarding kennel in Aguangua, Calif. After staying at this kennel, the two dogs were transported to West Eugene Kennels in Eugene, Oregon, on April 21. The dogs stayed there - waiting - until June 24, when they were then moved to Holiday Kennels, also in Eugene, Ore.

During their kennel stays, Thompson was told that the dogs had developed kennel cough - although there were no veterinary records on either dog. The dogs were then transferred to Brownings Kennel in Eugene for several days. Afterward, they were moved to Fletchers Boarding Kennels in the Portland area, where they stayed for at least 31 days, according to Thompson.

"I have receipts for boarding at some of these places," Thompson stated. "It's staggering...the amount of money that has been wasted on kenneling these dogs: $1100 at Fletchers', at least $540 dollars at West Eugene Kennels, and $200 at Paws N Claws."

Thompson was contacted by Kim Singer with Diamond Cut Pitbull Rescue because the boarding bills were long overdue and the facility that was keeping the two dogs needed to be paid - or take the dogs to the Multnomah Shelter.

"They probably would have been killed there due to the fact that they had started feeding off each other's energy and frustration at being in jail and had developed some kennel stress and barrier issues," stated Thompson.

While the person who originally pulled the dogs from the shelter in March did finally pay the boarding bills, that was her last interaction with the dogs.

"She paid the bill and then walked away," Thompson stated.

Sadly, the two dogs suffered during their months-long ordeal. Thompson believes that they were neglected while they were being boarded - and Hobo's condition supports her belief. Hobo is now in foster care on a 35-acre farm while Gypsy, who is highly adoptable, still urgently needs to find a home.

"Hobo is doing well, but he's still recuperating from malnutrition, flea dermatitis, and an unknown condition on his head," Thompson stated. "Not to mention some PTSD. Both dogs are hand shy near head and rear. Gypsy gets nervous and scared when I pick up a shovel to clean her kennel or pick up the hose."

Hobo will be having a biopsy in two weeks at South Willamette Veterinary in Crewswell, Oregon. Donations for his care can be made here.

"I'm appalled at how these dogs were treated," Thompson stated. "These two dogs were just carted around from kennel to kennel."

Gypsy is seeking a home without cats and she might be able to go to a home with another dog.

"She'd do well with a male dog," Thompson explained. "She's very responsive to commands and is very food motivated - and carrots are great treats!"

Thompson added: "We cannot keep her here as we are at full capacity! Please consider fostering or adopting this wonderful girl."

Can you provide a home for Gypsy? She's already waited so long. If you're interested in Gypsy, contact Kimberly Thompson at Clean Slate Canine Rescue & Rehab on their Facebook page here. And if you can't offer her a home, please share her story to help her finally find a family.

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