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Does Your Website Really Need A Keyword Rank Checker?

Many people would argue about the use of keyword rank checker and its usefulness for the website. Many website owners believe that they have used the best SEO services and techniques on the website and their website is bound to be on top of the search engine result pages. The truth is that the performance and strength of your website does not take away the importance of using a keyword rank checker or similar tool for your website. There are many reasons for having a software that tells you where your website is ranking against particular keywords at a given time.

Reasons For Using The Keyword Rank Checker

  • Even if you have used all the best SEO techniques for taking your website in the top search engine result pages still you need to keep a constant check on your website’s performance. This tool is actually meant for those who do a lot to make their website’s rank better.
  • Checking the rank of your website by entering keywords on search engines one by one and seeing the page where your website appears is the slowest way of doing this job. Rank checker does this job much more efficiently and gives you more information about your website’s rank and where your website has been ranking previously.
  • Online keyword rank checkers can also be used for the purpose of checking the rank of your website but they are very limited in their features. Furthermore, they allow you to check only one keyword at a time and this process is very slow. Not to mention, you will not be able to save the history of your website rank.
  • Rank checker lets you track the rank of your competitors’ website as well. This way you are able to feel the competition and also know what keywords your competitor is focusing on to reach the top.
  • Most of the keyword rank checkers are now offering the social indicator features as well. This means, you are able to see how many likes you have received on your website or something that you have shared on a social networking website. For example, you can now check the rank of your video on Youtube against a particular keyword on a rank checker.
  • A good thing about rank checkers is that they allow you to check and compare the performance of your website against specified keywords so you know what keywords are producing the best results for you. This allows website owners and SEO experts to focus only on the keywords that are being most useful for the website rather than diverting their attention towards the keywords that are not playing any role in website’s rank on the search engine result pages.
  • You can now receive reports of your website’s ranking on the go. These reports can be sent to you on email or your smartphone.
  • There are many other additional options that keyword rank checkers offer to you and to better optimize your website, you must get one today.
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