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Does your spiritual nature bring you closer or farther away from God part two

While a small minority of Adam and Eve’s descendants chose to listen to the messages that God was sending to them through their spiritual nature and were following God’s principles of living; the vast majority of those descendants chose to suppress and rebel against God’s messages and thus were distracted by the many kinds of deceptions and fleshly temptations that were thrown at them by the demonic forces of the Devil.

The Apostle Paul describes this process by declaring that ”the god of this world [the Devil] has blinded the minds of unbelievers that they might not see the glory of Christ.” (2 Corinthians 4:4)

That same situation is happening in our modern world. The majority of people are rebelling against God’s principles of living and are being distracted by the many kinds of demonic deceptions, intellectual deceptions, and the many ungodly fleshly temptations that are being produced by the entertainment and advertising industries.

Even though some people don’t realize that the deceptive process is happening to them and how the spiritual forces of darkness are doing things to keep them from seeing God’s spiritual light or listening to God’s messages; those people can break free of all the demonic deceptions by calling out to God to help them. Next, they need to accept God’s invitation to ask God to forgive them for breaking His laws and then ask Jesus Christ to become their personal Savior and spiritually apply His sacrificial atonement on the cross to their lives.

When people do those things, then God will do the following things for them: First, God will forgive them for breaking His laws and remove the spiritual sentence of death that they deserved for breaking His laws. Second, God will spiritually transfer them from the Devil’s spiritual kingdom of darkness and put them into God’s spiritual kingdom of light.

As Christians daily read the Bible to learn God’s principles and talk to God in prayer about their problems, they can develop a close relationship with God and have their spiritual nature come alive as God fills it with His wonderful presence and gives them His special messages for them. Having these things will help Christians overcome the many problems that they will have during the rest of their journey of physical life on earth.

Then, after they have successfully finished that journey, they will be taken to Heaven to live with Jesus forever!

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