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Does your spiritual nature bring you closer or farther away from God part three

After Adam and Eve gave into the serpent/devil’s deceptions and disobeyed God’s command not to eat the forbidden fruit; their disobedience had many disastrous effects on them, their descendants, and their relationship with God. One of these effects was that they lost the special relationship and spiritual connection they had with God.

Another effect of their disobedience was that they fell from being in a perfect and innocent condition into being in a corrupt condition that greatly contaminated their spiritual nature. But in spite of those problems, their spiritual nature was still alive enough to receive messages from the spiritual broadcasting stations of both God and His messengers of spiritual light and the Devil and his demonic messengers of spiritual darkness.

Adam and Eve passed that ability and the other effects of their disobedience down to their children and all their descendants down through the ages of time.

While a small minority of those descendants chose to listen to God speaking through their spiritual nature and chose to live according to God’s principles; the vast majority of them chose to suppress or destroy God’s messages that were coming to them through their spiritual nature so they could ‘do their own thing’ of following their ungodly fleshly desires and various demonic deceptions.

As some people suppressed the yearning of their spiritual nature to be closely connected to God, that created a sense of inner emptiness which those people tried to fill in many different ways such as, seeking positions of great financial, political, or military power; acquiring many expensive possessions; going on thrilling adventures; repeatedly becoming involved in alcoholic or drug binges; etc.

Even though doing some of those things temporarily deadened the pain of their inner emptiness, after they completed doing them the inner emptiness came crashing back into their lives.

In great contrast to those types of people are a small minority of people who have chosen to listen to God’s messages coming to them through their spiritual nature as well as listening to God’s messengers on Christian television, radio, and internet programs. These people have chosen to accept God’s invitation for them to ask God to forgive them for breaking God’s laws and then asked Jesus Christ to become their personal Savior and spiritually apply His sacrificial atonement on the cross to their lives.

When people do these things, God will do the following things for them: First, God will forgive them for breaking God’s laws and remove the spiritual death sentence that they deserved for breaking God’s laws. Second, God will spiritually transfer them out of the Devil’s spiritual kingdom of darkness and put them into God’s spiritual kingdom of light. Third, God will make them His newly restored creation. Fourth, their spiritual nature will truly come alive as God sends the power of the Holy Spirit to live inside of them to give them the ability to live according to God’s principles of living found in the Bible.

As Christians daily read the Bible to learn God’s principles, talk to God in prayer about their problems, worship God in Christian Church services, and listen to great Christian music during the week; they will continuously feed their spiritual nature with great spiritual food and can be a spiritually healthy Christian as they go through their daily activities in their journey of physical life on earth. Then, when they have successfully finished that journey, they will be taken to Heaven to live with Jesus forever!

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