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Does your spiritual nature bring you closer or farther away from God part one

The first chapter of Genesis states that after God created the heavens, the earth, and many kinds of creatures to roam over the earth “God said ’Let us make man in our own image’ . . . and God created man in His own image . . . male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:26-27 NASB)

One aspect of that special creation involved God creating mankind with a spiritual nature which gave them the ability to have a close relationship with God and be able to communicate with Him on a personal basis. This nature was in addition to their physical body.

God enjoyed having a special relationship with His special creations, which were originally called Adam and Eve. God also enjoyed walking and talking with them in the cool of the day as is implied in Genesis 3:8.

However, God’s adversary, the serpent/devil, became very jealous of that special relationship and so he devised a plan that would ruin it. This plan involved using deception to get Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the tree that God had commanded them not to eat from and then as a result of their disobedience receive the punishment of spiritual death.

One day when the serpent/devil saw Eve near the forbidden tree he began his scheme of deception by questioning Eve about the validation of what God had commanded them (as described in Genesis 3:1-6). Then he questioned the effects of eating the fruit.

As Eve was considering those deceptions along with looking at the beauty of the fruit and wondering how good it would be to eat it (Genesis 3:6); then those deceptions overcame the fear of God’s command against eating it and the punishment that would happen if she ate it, so she picked the fruit off the tree and ate some of it. Then, she gave it to Adam, who chose to follow Eve’s disobedience rather than follow God’s command not to eat it.

When Adam and Eve did those things, they found that while that while the fruit may have tasted good for a while; their disobedience had many disastrous effects for them and their relationship with God.

The first of those effects was that they fell from being in a perfectly innocent state into a corrupted and sinful state and were given the sentence of spiritual death that God had warned them about.

The second effect of their disobedience was that they lost the special relationship and close connection that they had with God.

The third effect of their disobedience was that they lost the special light of the glory of God that had been covering them with the result that they discovered they were naked and now needed to make clothes to cover their nakedness. (Genesis 3:7, 21)

The fourth effect of their disobedience was that they go kicked out of the beautiful Garden of Eden that had been providing them with plenty of free food to eat. Now they would have to work hard to produce their food. (Genesis 3:17, 19, 23)

The fifth effect of their disobedience was that they could only pass those problems down to their descendants throughout all the ages of time.

They also passed down to their descendants their spiritual nature, which although it had been contaminated by their disobedience, yet it was still alive and able to receive spiritual messages from the two main spiritual broadcasting stations which are: (1) God and His messengers of spiritual light, and (2) the Devil and his demonic messengers of spiritual darkness.

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