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Does your name have a meaning?

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CHICAGO, ILWhat is the significance of your name? Most everyone would like to know that his or her existence has meaning, that there is a purpose for his or her “being.” What better place to begin than to understand the origin of your own name? Some have it easier than others do: this is a fact. But can that be explained in terms of the rhyme, or reason, by which a person was given his or her name. To make this simple, I will begin with the origin of my own name — Rhonda — followed up by noting whether there seems to be any parallel between me being named Rhonda and the course along which my life has unfolded.

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So take a walk with me as I explore this phenomenon of “what is in a name?” Taken from, the name Rhonda has several different origins. Rhonda is most likely of Welsh origin, from rhon meaning “spear” and da meaning “good.” The meaning of Rhonda is therefore “good spear” or “good lance.” “Rhonda” is a girl’s name pronounced RON-dah. Since the name only became popular in the 20th century, it also possibly derives from the name of the River Rhondda, meaning “noisy,” in Wales: Taken from In the United States, the name Rhonda first appeared on the list of top 1000 most popular names for baby girls in the year 1935: Taken from

The “Rhonda” that I turned out to be is, yes, wonderful, and many of the things that the name said that I would be. “Rhonda” is often portrayed as having a very sensitive nature, although she does not always let her emotions show on the outside. “Rhonda” is said to be a lover of harmony and symmetry, and she is a real aesthete. She possesses certain inner strength that makes her efficient when faced with life’s struggles. Not lacking in common sense, she is fond of her independence and very capable of taking responsibility, ambition, and self-confident. (taken from

As a child, “Rhonda” is not necessarily very docile especially when her parents express an authoritarianism to which she is highly allergic: she is certainly a character. She has a profound sense of justice and is likely to rebel at the slightest undeserved attack, possibly becoming aggressive and out of control. However, by promoting her sense of responsibility and accepting her individuality, her parents soon discovers that she just wants to feel valued and is actually very eager to do the right thing. It is uncanny how parallel these descriptions are as it relates to my actual existence considering that much of this information has been taken word for word from Thus, it should be noted that a “Rhonda” has a tendency to be conciliatory, sensitive, disciplined, and at times even a bit of a perfectionist (from

This whole “what is in a name” project truly makes one wonder about “predetermined destiny.” If this “Rhonda” is ever to be able to stake a claim to fame, she will then be able to say that “I” was predestined per the name.


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