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Does your happiness exist as defined?

Happiness is a well sought after emotion by all of us. Countless products and services are offered to provide this mindset so many seek. In fact, most advertisements for products use happiness as the subliminal benefit. Many believe that if they achieve a specific goal or make a certain acquisition, the feeling of happiness will belong to them. Some believe that if they follow all the rules of their religion, it will come. Unfortunately, this state of mind is short-lived when attached to an agenda. Happiness is a simple or complex state of being depending on how you define it in your mind.

Let's start with the dictionary definition of happiness. The classic Webster defines happiness as "a state of well-being and contentment." How does one achieve a "state of well-being and contentment"? That is the million dollar question so many seek the answer to. First, you have to determine what makes YOU content. The interesting truth about happiness is that there is no simple answer. The truth is that what makes one happy can make another miserable. Take it a step further and determine what makes you content. To be content, you have a mind at ease. Bottom line, the negative energy of stress and anxiety is not dominating your mindset. So, ask yourself again...are you content?

Lack of happiness can be ignited  and maintained by fears of countless sources, negative foresight of the future, being unwilling to forgive events from the past and a sense of no purpose. True happiness is experienced when it  is ignited by helping others feel the emotion of happiness. In fact, the more you make others happy, the happier you will be. Just as it is true in the law of give and take, you will find what you seek when you unconditionally find a way to give it to someone else. This truth applies to love, friendship, and more...even money.

Another important truth to remember is that nothing is permanent. We are in a constant state of changing. Therefore, do not think that if happiness is not your current state of mind, it will not happen. Without experiencing sadness or any other unhappy emotion, you cannot appreciate the positive opposite. When you truly feel this truth in your heart, you will use the negative experience as an opportunity to learn from and grow. With this practice, the happiness you will experience can become even better; in fact, it can cross the line to a state of bliss.

You cannot buy happiness. You cannot own it. As you learn to be content within your heart at the present moment, you will feel the energy of peace. Happiness involves so much more than being satisfied. Happiness, if adequately defined, would include the reference to peace of mind and peace in the heart. Happiness would be defined as an active positive energy that circulates through your body. Happiness would be defined as being content and grateful as a result of the gifts you share with others. Simply stated, happiness would be defined as a positive energy that is within you and permeates from you.

Can you be happy? Regardless of your circumstances, the answer is is your choice. You do not have to be rich, you do not have to be popular, you do not have to have countless possessions. You simply have to choose the path you want to pursue in life to make others happy and just like the blissful state of deep sleep, happiness will envelop you without you consciously realizing it. When you do consciously become aware of it, share it and feel it grow.


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