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Does your hair clip protect you against imminent danger?

If you're a smart, savvy, woman of the 21st Century your jewelry won't just sparkle with bling, it will protect you. Yes you read that write. Smart jewelry from Sense6’s syncs via Bluetooth, simultaneously sends geolocation alerts to the phones of family members and loved ones at the touch of a button.

Wearable security
First Sign

What does this mean to you? Picture it. You're a woman facing imminent danger when walking down the street or getting into your car. Rather than fumble for your cell phone and as it is with most of us, put your passcode in and press 9-1-1 you can simply tap that haircut in your hair.
Sense6, a five-member startup based in San Francisco, is unveiling jewelry pieces called First Sign that sync to a user’s cellphone to alert authorities when the wearer encounters danger.

Although the First Sign Hair Clip was designed to protect against violent crimes, we have identified many other ways to use this product. The sensors that detect an impact and the panic button located on the clip can be used in the following situations:

While exercising alone: running, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, etc. If you fall and need help, the impact will automatically alert your emergency contacts and First Responders with your exact location.

For parents/grandparents/elderly friends and neighbors: use the First Sign hair clip as a way to automatically ensure their safety. If they fall while alone, the clip will automatically alert emergency contacts and First Responders.

While traveling: if you are in an unfamiliar area using public transportation, cabs, staying in different hotels, give your loved ones (and yourself) peace of mind knowing you are protected.

Real Estate agents, conducting a Craigslist or similar transaction, or any job that requires meeting strangers in different locations: one of our friends is a Real Estate agent who always carries her phone in her hand while meeting with potential clients. Instead, use the hair clip's panic button as a much faster and more reliable way to give yourself extra protection.

While driving: if you are involved in a car accident, the hair clip will detect the impact and automatically get First Responders on the scene.

Anytime you feel a little uneasy and want a quick panic button to use: when walking alone, especially in an unsafe area, you should never be on your cell phone as that distracts you from your surroundings. Instead, use the hair clip's panic button to ensure an easy way to give you peace of mind and alert your emergency contacts in case you need help.

Sure I have a dog, I know some self-defense, and I don’t deliberately put myself in harm’s way, but that doesn't guarantee me complete safety. It makes perfect sense to me to add another component to my line of defense. I’ll be spending my money on these jewelry pieces.

More information from First Sign:

Why a hair clip?
We chose a hair clip after reviewing the research and finding out that violent crimes involve a head impact 2/3's of the time. This is many times more likely than other areas. We are using the hair clip as our first product in order to help the most people we can.

What exactly does the hair clip detect?
The accelerometer and gyroscope measure the acceleration and rotation of the device. The device must be worn close and securely to the object being measured to maximize accuracy. False alarms will be rare. Runner’s are the most likely users to create impact-like forces, which is why we have included an automatic “Running mode” to mitigate false alarms.

How long is the clip’s battery life?
The clip will have a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Based on our initial research, the clip should be able to continuously monitor for an impact between 24 and 48 hours.

Will there be more fashion forward covers in the future?
Yes! Many more! We are initially offering 3 covers, but we will be opening up to designers and manufactures to increase the number of cover offerings. We are even offering a special perk for our Indiegogo Contributors to design your own fashion forward cover!

How will I wear it?
The hair clip can be worn many ways. Under your hair, as a fashion accessory, or clipped close by. If not wearing on the head, you can easily turn off the impact sensors and use as a panic button

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