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Does your child have natural musical ability? Take the quiz

Musical Child
Photo: istockphoto/Thomas Perkins

Is your young child musical? Do they have natural musical ability? Take this quiz to find out.

1. When your child sits at a piano, do they bang on the keys just to make sound, or do they listen to what they are playing and attempt to play notes that blend well together?

2. Have you noticed your child singing a tune when there is no music playing?

3. Has your child ever complained of having a song "stuck in their head"?

4. Have you noticed your child tapping out rhythms to songs?

5. Does your child have a natural instinct to dance to music?

6. Has your child attempted to sound out a song on a piano they had heard elsewhere?

7. Does music seem to affect your child emotionally?

8. Has your child expressed interest in learning an instrument?

9. Can your child clap on the beat when listening to a song?

10. Has your child ever complained about instruments sounding bad because they were out-of-tune?

11. When your child sings basic songs like the ABC's or Happy Birthday, does it sound good?

12. If you sing a note, can your child sing that note, or find that note on the piano?

13. Has your child begged to have a keyboard, guitar, drum or other musical instrument?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then your child probably has natural musical ability. You should make sure your child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during their elementary years.

Even if your child can't do many of the things listed above, it doesn't mean they can't learn these skills as they get older. Many of these skills will develop naturally as they get older and the child is exposed to more musical opportunities.