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Does Yemeni Mail Bomb Plot Involve Denver?

As a journalist, I have a trait common to most journalists, a keen grasp of the obvious.  The obvious is only newsworthy, however, when for one reason or another, it is suppressed or ignored.  In this case the obvious is ignored as either an overabundance of political correctness and/or the normal governmental impulse towards secrecy whether necessary or not.  

By now I am sure everyone has seen and, been confused by, the story of the mail bombs apparently sent to two Synagogues in Chicago from Yemen.  

Early reports included UPS trucks held in quarantine at US and British airports, as well as the "print cartridge with wires coming out of it," found in a Persian Gulf state.  From early reports it almost appeared as though the scare was either a probable hoax, a "terrorist dry-run," or even a bad case of the nerves.  

Then came the report that two devices had been found, camouflaged as computer printers, rigged with the devastating explosive PETN.  One early report stated that at least one, possibly both of the devices could be triggered by cellphone.  That information was a critical key to the plot, yet authorities seemed to have come to a conclusion inconsistent with that information, unless of course, that is a disinformation ruse.  

What everyone agreed upon, however, was that the devices had been put in the mail in Yemen, headquarters of Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula and it's "number two" (misinformation or disinformation) leader, American-born, Anwar Al Awlaki.  

Al Awlaki was born in New Mexico and attended CSU, spoke at area Mosques, actively recruited for jihad in the DU area and was nearly arrested in 2002 on a Federal Warrant stemming out of Denver on charges of making false statements.  

Authorities are now speculating that the devices were meant to go off on passenger aircraft.  They were, in fact, addressed to two Synagogues in Chicago, which strongly suggests, to me at least, that these were, in fact, the targets of the bombs.  

It also suggests that in order for the bombs to have been triggered someone in the US would have to initiate the cellphone call that would activate the bombs.  That would necessitate the existence of Al Qaeda operatives and/or sleeper cells in the US, an unfortunate fact which Homeland Security all but accepts as fact.  

What it also suggests, however, is that in looking into Al Awlaki's connections in Colorado might lead to a Chicago connection.  It also suggests that when CAIR rails against FBI infiltration of Mosques they are not necessarily most concerned with the security of the nation as a whole.

Anwar Al Awlaki's Colorado Connection, Denver Magazine


  • Winsumlusum 4 years ago

    The government's current statements that there still might be bombs out there and that they are intended to blow up passenger planes in flight if taken seriously would depress worldwide air traffic if widely believed. Unless the bombers have people on the inside at UPS and FedEx they can't know if packages will go on cargo planes or not. Stopping all shipping from Yemen would hardly seem like a sacrifice or the equivalent of a real investigation.

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