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Does white tea have less caffeine than black tea?

It has often been stated that white tea has less caffeine than black tea but is this really the case? Both of these teas come from the same plant, and same area of the plant, so how could white tea have less caffeine than black tea? The reality is that the levels of caffeine in teas will vary but it is important to know which type of tea will generally have less caffeine, if this is what you are looking for.

White tea is the least processed of all teas and in turn will generally have more caffeine. I bet that is a shock to the system as many people associate the light taste of white teas with less caffeine; when the reality is that caffeine really has nothing to do with taste at all! Black tea goes through the most processing and in turn reduces the amount of caffeine that is actually retained by the leaves.

So next time you are thinking about brewing up a tea based on caffeine content, please remember that white tea isn't always the least caffeinated!

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