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Does White House need a CEO for Affordable Healthcare or is it smoke and mirrors

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The latest buzz happening in the White House administration is there is now search taking place for an Affordable Healthcare Administration CEO. Now in all honesty this is quite disturbing as this brings multiple thoughts to mind. Not only will this be one more chief added to the many indians currently working on this Affordable Healthcare Act it also raises the question when will this project be completed. A larger concern that has come about is having a healthcare CEO means that there will be changes done so this person will have a federal salary. In essence, budgets will be blistered and damaged all because of what this White House Administration feels they need to do. It is hard enough to deal with not having healthcare insurance but what makes this matter more difficult is not knowing when this project will be completed with full security working correct. Now knowing there is a discussion of one more person being hired does make one very frustrated as it seems no person on this project is aware of how to perform their job. It brings up the final question will this Affordable Healthcare Act be something that the American people can actually trust to use for their personal needs let alone pay a premium towards?