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Does UCLA or USC have hotter cheerleaders in 2014? (20 Photos)

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Many colleges and universities in the United States have hot cheerleaders, but the two schools with the absolute hottest cheerleaders in college sports might just be UCLA and USC. Does UCLA or USC have hotter cheerleaders in 2014?

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Here is a slideshow of 20 photos of UCLA and USC cheerleaders to try and answer that question. Ten of the photos in the slideshow are of UCLA cheerleaders, and the other 10 photos are of USC cheerleaders. Which group of cheerleaders in the photos is hotter?

Does UCLA or USC have hotter cheerleaders in 2014? (20 Photos)

  • UCLA cheerleaders

UCLA has three squads of cheerleaders. The Bruins have a co-ed squad of 20 members, or 10 couples, who perform stunts and tumbles at UCLA games, and also do dance routines in conjunction with UCLA's marching band.

UCLA also has an all-women dance team of cheerleaders consisting of 10 members in 2014. The UCLA dance team cheerleaders learn something like 50 new dance routines to perform at UCLA events every year.

UCLA also has a yell squad of cheerleaders consisting of five men and five women. The yell squad do their best at UCLA games to get the crowd riled up and into the game and rooting for the UCLA Bruins.

  • USC cheerleaders

USC is very selective about who becomes a USC cheerleader, who are officially called USC Song Girls. Only 10 to 12 women are chosen each year to be USC cheerleaders.

To be a USC cheerleader, women have to be well schooled in all types of dance, especially jazz and ballet. That is because USC cheerleaders perform dozens of different dance routines each year at USC college football and college basketball games.

USC cheerleaders are famous around the world. Countries where USC cheerleaders have performed include England, Austria, China, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Japan, Italy, and Australia.

So does USC or UCLA have hotter cheerleaders in 2014? Based upon the photos of USC and UCLA cheerleaders in the slideshow, both groups of cheerleaders are incredible hot in 2014. Watch for the beautiful cheerleaders in the photos at USC and UCLA games this year (a few photos are from prior years).