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Does the ‘Sex Tape’ movie reflect a trend? 75% of men admit to filming sex tapes

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The big red carpet was rolled out on Thursday night as cast members Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz posed at the premiere of “Sex Tape” in Los Angeles. According to Reuters on Thursday, the photographers were on hand to take plenty of pictures of the two actors who tossed their cloths aside to reveal all in the upcoming movie. The new movie has people whispering about the topic of sex and quietly fist bumping pals as plans are being made to see the movie in theaters when it arrives on July 18. While the awkward introduction to this movie might have some people squirming, a real question might be raised on how normal it is to film a sex tape in the privacy of your own home.

In Hollywood some of the starlets that captured fame around the recorded actions include the famous tape of Kim Kardashian and Ray J and then there is the other popular tape of Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon. It sometimes feels like that the stars in Hollywood that don’t have a sex tape aren't really giving it their all. Of course that isn't true, but there is so much emphasis on this topic when it involves a famous person.

What about normal people? Believe it or not, folks that don’t have the paparazzi following them around are making sex tapes too. And this upcoming movie might be more of a mainstream look at the idea than most people think. According to Fuselink statistics, 75% of men have admitted to making a sex tape. Add that 35 percent of people who made a sex tape admitted that they filmed it in their twenties and 27 percent filmed the sex tape in their thirties.

The “Sex Tape” movie offers more of a look on the comedy side of what happens when the film is shared with the world and reveals some skin too. However, this problem in the movie might be more of a concern than most people think. With so many people able to acquire digital downloads with just one click. It might be possible for anyone to see some bedroom action.

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