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Does the Republican Party have a death wish?

Many conservatives say that the Republican leadership in Congress is dropping the ball prior to the 2014 elections.
Many conservatives say that the Republican leadership in Congress is dropping the ball prior to the 2014 elections.
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With Obama's approval numbers plummeting, public support for Obamacare crashing, and at least a dozen Congressional Democrats announcing in the last few days they are retiring, normally the Republican Party would be doing cartwheels with glee as this political goose with the golden egg laid one right in their laps, for free.

Rarely has any opportunity been seen in politics like the present perfect storm that is building to lay to waste Democrats. Conditions are more than ripe for a complete massacre in both the House and Senate in November, that is, except for one inexplicable factor. The Republicans looked their gift horse in the mouth and said, "No thank-you."

At face value one would conclude that the Republican Party has a death wish. Why, for example, would the GOP leadership look at these multiple golden opportunities and pass them up? Why consider what is shaping up to be one of the most massive shifts in Congressional power in U.S. history, but then decide the scenario is much too good to accept?

In order to begin to understand at least part of the problem one need look no further than the elitist Republican leadership, which is suffering with a severe case of inside-the-beltway blindness, a product of being in Washington much too long with all of its incestuous byproducts. Its main symptom? As long as the afflicted stay in D.C. they can see perfectly well. But if they cast their sights outside of the beltway, they are struck totally blind to the people who gave their donations and time to put them in office.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for example, has been in the Senate since long before Julius Caesar was assassinated. John McCain came into office with the Reagan revolution in 1981. Lindsey Graham served four terms in the House before being elected to the Senate in 2003, replacing Senate icon Strom Thurmond.

Over in the House, Speaker John Boehner was first elected to the House in 1991. And although his chief lieutenants Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy have not been around nearly as long, Boehner has through his chosen team members made it clear that he wants moderate RINO type Republicans who are always standing at the ready to compromise with Obama and the Democrats on how many of our rights they can violate.

The point being that Boehner wants like-minded foot-soldiers no matter what their age.

The problem is that their cloistered D.C. navel gazing places them squarely out of touch with the feelings, desires, and goals of most of their constituents. McCain and Graham in particular appear to be more interested in positioning themselves to be asked to appear on all of the Sunday morning political talk shows on the networks than working for the people who put them in office.

A perfect example of this problem is the current brouhaha on immigration reform.

The elitist Republican leadership, in its almighty wisdom, has decided to help Obama push through amnesty in the middle of an election year during which the Republicans had everything to gain if they would just avoid such divisive issues. As long as the Republicans stayed focused on Obamacare, the jobless "recovery" that continues to beset multimillions of Americans, Benghazi, or any number of issues damaging to Democrats, they had a prescription for a stellar year at the polls in November.

But things were shaping up a little too good for these out of touch elitists. Rather than leaving well enough alone and going with known and proven winning issues, the Republican leadership decided to introduce a suicide pact into the mix. They want "something big" on immigration reform.

Why? The voters place this issue squarely at the bottom of their priorities. The Republican base, the conservatives, want no part of immigration reform. Thus, most of their elected representatives oppose it. Each time in the past such harebrained ideas were pushed through Congress, it was the American worker, the common man, who got screwed.

But Boehner and his gang of chromosomal freaks who are the byproducts of inside the beltway incest are determined to push something through that will grant amnesty to people who break our laws as soon as they enter the country. And naturally all of the other elitists of the leadership structure are jumping on board, alienating thousands of conservative voters each and every time they mention the possibility of passing such idiotic legislation.

Conservatives in the House and Senate jumped into action to oppose the leadership structure of their own Party. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, stated that focusing on immigration reform will ruin any chance the Republicans had of retaking the Senate. And a noted House conservative said, "This is not the time to be focusing on such a losing issue."

But rest assured, amnesty is not the only example of how the elitist Republican leadership appears determined to lose not only in the 2014 midterm elections but in the 2016 presidential election as well. Ever heard one of the goldbricks of the GOP roll out Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as their top choices for president in 2016? Just give it time. You will. And before Chris Christie's recent woes, the talk was that he would be the nominee. He may reemerge if he can survive the current swirl of controversy.

Mitt Romney? Again? Jeb Bush? Yet another Bush? Chris Christie? Mr. Northeastern Liberal himself?

This alone highlights the self-destruction inherent in the GOP leadership. If the leadership structure of the Party can't arrive at more logical choices than these, then is it any wonder the voters are growing more skittish about voting for them?


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