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Does the prophet Daniel paint a picture of America? be the judge

King Nebuchadnezzar's dream that was interpreted by the prophet Daniel can unlock some present day secrets that could well include the United States.

One of the most daunting prophesies in the Bible is the terrible dream the king of Babylon had concerning a horrible nightmare he could not recall which troubled him immensely. King Nebuchadnezzar could not recall the vision so he called on all of his seers, wise men, and soothsayers to reveal the dream and its meaning.

Naturally it was an impossibility for men, however after King Nebuchadnezzar in a rage threatened to kill them all, Daniel was eventually brought before the king to render assistance. Daniel informed the king that nobody had the power to do as the king asked, but there was a God in heaven who is the Revealer of secrets that could do what the king demanded.

Daniel inquired of God who disclosed something no person on Earth could know. Not only did Daniel reveal the dream to King Nebuchadnezzar but he revealed its meaning also. All of this is recorded in the book of Daniel before 600 BC when Daniel died and before the world dynasties came to power. Clearly Daniel’s utterances that were recorded show a divine knowledge that proved deadly accurate.

The image of a statue comprised of different elements signified specific meanings according to God’s revelation to Daniel which was passed on to King Nebuchadnezzar. The head of the statue was pure gold which represented the glorious Babylonian empire. Daniel said that inferior kingdoms would eventually rise once Nebuchadnezzar’s dynasty came to an end. Pride was an issue with the king which nearly caused his complete downfall since he was the absolute ruler in power and authority with Babylon.

Next two arms of silver crossed represented the Medes and Persian empire which would come to power after the fall of Babylon. A unique feature of this dynasty was legalism because the law was seen to be absolute where even the king was subject to it, thus central authority rested in the law itself.

The midsection of the statue reflected bronze which represented a metal more inferior in value to silver. This bronze portion represented the Greek empire and Alexander the Great which would dominate the world scene for centuries.

The Greeks were known for their tolerance and inclusiveness and would incorporate many religions and philosophies within their culture to ensure that no god was offended. According to the Bible in Acts 17:23, a statue existed to “the unknown God” stood in the city of Athens in Greece as insurance against offending any deity.

The legs of the statue consisted of iron which was inferior still to bronze. This represented the Roman Empire where its attributes were these; having the world’s most powerful standing army, they treated their athletes as gods, and eventually rotted away from their foundations with decadence, depravity, and corruption.

Finally in the last days there would be a final kingdom depicted in Nebuchadnezzar’s statue having a combination of iron and clay, parts would be strong and parts would be weak. Much has been made of the ten toes which allegedly represents an end time kingdom that would consist of ten countries or zones in the final chapter of human history.

Another possibility is that it could represent one country with strengths and weaknesses that incorporates a consolidation of attributes from the fallen dynasties of eras gone by. Does not the entire statue of Nebuchadnezzar represent all of the tendencies of the fallen civilizations of the past?

The pride and absolute power of Nebuchadnezzar, the legalism of the law from the Medes-Persians, the tolerance and inclusiveness of the Greek Empire, the decadence, depravity and corruption…the world’s most powerful standing army, and treating athletes as gods from the Roman empire are all represented in America today. It is too much of a coincidence to have all of these characteristics present in our society.

The final scene revealed to Nebuchadnezzar by Daniel is a stone not made with hands pulverizes the statue to dust and becomes an entire mountain filling the Earth. Whether the interpretation is for America or a consolidation of nations forming a type of coalition is irrelevant, it will happen during the time of the final kingdom in Earth’s history.

Naturally it is assumed that the mixed iron and clay feet would mean a portion of the Roman empire rising from the ashes, however there is debate whether that will take place or an alliance of nations would represent the final kingdom.

Or you could also factor in that those “ten” attributes represented in the ten toes are actually pointing to a nation that will come into existence that would possess the ten characteristics of the other empires that collapsed into dust, and that would be America.

It is just something to think about.

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