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Does the post-game rant of Richard Sherman make him an n-word?

Richard Sherman is interviewed By Erin Andres post game on January 19, 2013. Credit - FOX Sports
Richard Sherman is interviewed By Erin Andres post game on January 19, 2013. Credit - FOX Sports

As a large percentage of the nation watched the NFC Championship game Sunday night where the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl, a rare treat was put on display by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who made the game winning play and then educated the masses on the art of trash-talking run amok in a post-game rant that was so heated that it literally illuminated social media sites like Twitter, but not without a price as some tweets equated Sherman’s rant with him being nothing more than an out-of-control, boisterous n-word.

One tweet by Steve Fleishman said:

Richard Sherman just proved you can take the n***** out of the hood but you can’t take the n***** out of the n*****

Someone called Texas guy tweeted:

Sherman releasing his inner n*****

Adam Costello tweeted:

Richard Sherman deserves to get shot in the f****** head. Disrespectful n*****.

And Brian Jackson tweeted:

Dumb f****** n***** enjoy your holiday tomorrow (Martin Luther King Day) Sherman

Sherman responded on Monday morning with a tweet.

Last night shows that racism is still alive and well... And that’s so sad.... At Least some people respect MLKs dream.

After making a great defensive play to deny the 49ers the win, a highly impassioned Sherman went after the person that he made the big play on – 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, as continually referred to Crabtree as a “mediocre” receiver, but does this make him the poster child for n-word behavior? Animated, outspoken black men have been offending and frightening white America since slavery, so what else is new?

If anything, Sherman’s comments and actions are a testament to his passion for the game, which most football fans share wholeheartedly with him, the overall bravado of football, which most fans share wholeheartedly with him, the overbearing, emotional selfishness of being attached to a team, which most fans share wholeheartedly with him, and the overall, proud, immaturity that a lot of sports fans throughout the entire sporting landscape share wholeheartedly with him whenever they rush the field of play after their team wins a big game to take cheap shots at the opposing team saying things that are just as bad or a lot worse than what Sherman said yelling: “We’re number one! We’re number one!”

And more importantly, the action taken by a fan or by fans to toss what appeared to be food at 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman who had to be carted off of the field with a serious injury is arguably just as unnecessary as any trash-talk, so maybe those actions are deserving of being linked to so-called n-word behavior as well, but no such linkage was made.

What is amazing about these tweets that have labeled Sherman as some kind of horrible n-word based on what is obviously being considered to be his childish, classless actions is that the same principle could be applied to the people who tweeted that Sherman is a worthless n-word.

If Sherman’s outburst makes him a classless, childish n-word, then what do these guttersnipe tweets say about the individuals who tweeted them? How can they be any better?

Because contrary to popular, self-serving, white supremacy beliefs, there is no legitimate platform of privilege that allows self-appointed self-righteousness to corruptively criticize or degrade a level of corruption without being held accountable through corresponding criticism and degradation.

Now one could make a very strong argument that the art of trash-talking goes all the way back into our general, human history when Neanderthal number one said something very similar to what Sherman said about Crabtree to Neanderthal number two, because his (Neanderthal number one) club was bigger than Neanderthal number two’s club, which allowed number one to bash more stuff and become the head basher in charge.

Trash-talking antics and emotional, mob behavior are more about culture than genetics, and the fact that Sherman is a Stanford University graduate who apparently graduated with high marks proves that, just like drunk, obnoxious, emotionally immature fans throwing food at a seriously injured player and hateful fans tweeting racial epithets at Sherman proves it as well.

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