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Does the Catholic Church Exist Any Longer?

By their fruits you shall know them.

What kind of a stupid question is that!! Are you crazy? We just elected a new pope, and all the world, even the media, loves him, because he is so humble and so honest.

Well, let’s talk about the new pope. First, let's introduce the past, so we can get to know the present.

From the Past

The Vatican II Council was called by Pope John XXIII on 11 October 1962, and closed under Pope Paul VI on 8 December 1965. Vatican II was a pastoral council and not a dogmatic council, which means that nothing coming out of the council was deemed dogmatic and necessary to be followed. Nothing in this council was binding or regarded as strict dogma to be obeyed and followed by Catholics. However, we know better at this point in time.

The effects of Vatican II of the 1960s have continued on for over a half century changing the true Catholic faith into a modernistic, contemporary-relevant church of today. The modern church created a new liturgy that defined and celebrated mankind. A new liturgy architected by freemason Hannibal Bugnini and six protestant ministers that changed the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic faith to a new faith named a new order called the Novus Ordo. Priests and bishops are no longer ordained in the traditional Catholic rite, but merely installed to preside over a ceremony, rather than to offer the holy sacrifice of the Mass. Pope Benedict was one of those bishops, who was not ordained in the Traditional, Apostolic, Catholic rite instituted by Our Saviour with His Apostles. So, our Catholic Faith, which originated from Jesus Christ and His 12 Apostles for two thousand years, was modernized, gutted, rewritten, and updated for the past ½ century. Since then, this modernized, uncatholic church has decreased in membership, closed down churches, prysbyters raping and sodomizing children, bishops hiding secret sex abuse scandals, and transferring pedophiles to other locations without enforcing excommunication, discipline, or legal prosecution.

“You will know them by the fruit they bear”.

Hence we have the nick names: newpopes, newcardinals, newbishops, and newchurches. They represent the new order of the past half a century. They do not represent the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith for the prior years before 1962. This current uncatholic faith was created by evil forces of Vatican II, and not by the Holy Spirit. This uncatholic faith represents the celebration of mankind. The Catholic, Apostolic faith represents the holy sacrifice of the Mass as handed down to His apostles from Jesus Christ. You won’t find the unbloodied sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Mount Calvary at this modern celebration of man, but you will find it at a humble, traditional Catholic Church – in which the gates of Hell will never prevail against it. It’s got the guarantee of Jesus Christ.

To the Present

The installation of Pope Francis Bergoglio occurred on March 19, 2013. We can observe from several interesting events over this short period, a few revelations into the character of Pope Francis:

  • He refused to be crowned Pope, but directed that he be "installed" into the Newpapacy
  • Francis-Bergoglio refused to give the Newpapal Blessing at the Press Audience, but instead Gave a "silent blessing" to Protestants, Jews, and Mohammedans – saying: "Since many of you are not members of the Catholic Church [sic], and others are not believers, I cordially give this blessing silently, to each of you, respecting the conscience of each."
  • For his Newpapal Coat of Arms, Bergoglio rejected the Triple-tiered Papal Crown for a Bishop's Mitre
  • His Fisherman's ring that supposed to represent Bergoglio’s Newpapacy is fake. The ring that he chose was originally made for Paul VI-Montini, who never wore it. Montini was the Modernist Newpope under whom the New Order was implemented. Bergoglio not only chose a ring associated with an unCatholic Newpope, but also the ring is not even of gold, but only gold plated.
  • Second Newpope not to be a true Bishop of Rome, as he was never consecrated as a bishop, but only installed under Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal of 1969, as was Benedict Ratzinger.
  • U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and Democratic/Liberalist party leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi are both openly pro-abortion, pro-homosexual "Catholics", which Francis Bergoglio publicly gave the invalid novus ordo communion at his novus ordo "inauguration".

Into the Future

There is a 300-page "Red Dossier," prepared by the investigatory commission of three Newcardinals on the corruption in Ratzinger's Newpapacy. This document was so embarrassing to Ratzinger, that the Newcardinals who elected his successor, have been forbidden to see it. Only Bergoglio has authority to view the document. What will the new pope do? Will he clean up the immorality that has pervaded that Vatican for decades? Time will tell, but I have no great expectations.




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