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Does she like me more than a friend?

Knowing if someone has interest in you can be nerve wrecking.
Knowing if someone has interest in you can be nerve wrecking.

When it comes to love, women show interest a little different than men do. Sometimes they’re more obvious about their feelings while other times you don’t even think they like you. This is due to the way a woman thinks. Some think that there will be judgment towards them if they show their true feelings. So if you like a woman, how can you be sure that they like you in return?

To find out if a woman likes you; you must study her movements. A huge sign to look out for is eye contact. If you are just getting to know each other then she may hold her gaze for a few seconds longer than normal. However, if you know each other well then she might lock eyes with you for long periods of time. This means that she feels comfortable with you and is trying to tell you in a subtle yet obvious way that she is interested.

If she is almost always smiling and laughing when you are around her, then it is likely that she is interested in you. Sometimes she just can hold back from smiling when you’re around. Pay attention to just often she does smile when the two of you are together.

A woman with interest will also fidget while you two are talking. Many times this is due to the excitement and nervousness from talk to you. She may play with her hair in slow strokes or mess with her jewelry while you two are talking. Be careful if she starts messing with her hair in fast strokes however because this could mean she is just bored.

Another sign to look out for when you two are together is if she crosses her legs and her leg is pointed towards you. Sometimes she will rub her lower thigh or smooth out her pants to draw attention to her legs.

She may also caress her lips, neck or collarbone to send an “I want you” signal. Subconsciously she is trying to draw your attention to these areas to remind you that she is sexy. If she is constantly biting or licking her lips, there is a good chance she is interested. For one, she is trying to draw your attention to her mouth meaning she wants you to kiss her. Not only is she trying to get your attention but women’s mouths get drier when they are aroused.

You may notice her raising her eyebrows during your conversation with her. When she raises her eyebrows, most of the time this can be a good sign that she is interested in you. This is especially true when combined with a smile or a nod. She does this to let you know that she is agreeing with what you are saying. When she raises her eyebrows after making eye contact she is also trying to tell you she likes what she sees.

It is also said that when men and women are interested in someone; their pupils will dilate. Next time you two are talking take note of how her pupils look. When doing this, be sure you are in a well lit area since darkness produces more dilated pupils anyway.

If you notice that she is taking on the same interests as you then this is a definite sign of her liking you. Is she starting to listen to your type of music? A big sign that she likes you is if she starts having the same interests as you and begins asking you questions about them. She will find any excuse to try and talk to you; even if it means teasing you a little.

You can’t be completely sure if she likes you unless you ask her or tell her how you feel about her. But if she is giving you at least two of the above signs then chances are she is very interested. If you two are already friends then it is understandable if you don’t want to say something in fear it will ruin your friendship. She may not want to say anything in fear that you do not feel the same way about her.

But if you don’t say anything you will have to live the rest of your life not knowing what you two could’ve been. You only live once so take a chance now while you can.

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