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Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth?

Sex Affect Muscle Growth
Sex Affect Muscle Growth

If you love sex, have you ever wondered of which effects that the sex can have on you? One thing in particular to look out for is how increases sex affects muscle growth. It is surely the dream of any man to perform well in bed and have a model’s body. Is it true that your romp sessions can hurt your body’s fitness levels and muscle growth? There is no doubt that there is indeed a connection between sex and muscle growth. To clearly understand the relationship between the two, one needs to get a clear understanding of how they relate to each other. Below are some of the points to consider:

Sex and libido relationship
Most men tend to hold the belief that the more sex they engage in, the higher their libido will be. This relationship holds true as it revolves around the zinc levels in the body. When a man ejaculates during a period of sexual excitement, zinc is released from the body through semen. Zinc is quite crucial in the body as it spurs the growth of semen and lack of it in the body may cause infertility.

It is also important to note that zinc is quite important in the development of muscles in the body. This is because the levels of zinc in the body affect the testosterone levels as well. Low zinc levels in the body are associated with lower testosterone levels in the body as well and vice versa. This means that when the levels of zinc are low, there will be a lot of difficulty in growing of lean muscles.

It can thus be said that the loss of zinc through orgasm causes a reduced muscle growth if the zinc removed from the body is not replaced through the diet. A deficit of zinc means poor muscle growth. Good sources of zinc include oysters, shellfish, liver, wheat germ, cashew nuts and pecan nuts.

Strength levels and sex
The next thing to consider is the effect sex has on strength levels. If you have ever noticed, you feel energy depleted when you ejaculate and feel a wave of relaxation and sleep come over you. This occurs because of the release of oxytocin which is released in the body at ejaculation. Oxytocin helps the body in relaxation and resting, thus the reason you feel weaker when you ejaculate than during sex. The oxytocin action will however not last very long as your body gets back to its normal hormone levels within no time. In this regard, training sessions after sex may not be the best approach to go for after a bout of sex as your body needs to recover first. Exercise should come within a 3 - 4 hour span of time after ejaculation to be quite effective.

Sex and testosterone
More than sex and zinc, there is also a relationship between frequent sex, libido as well as testosterone levels in the body. Frequent sex is considered to cause an improvement in libido levels. A big break when taken has also been shown to result to an increase in libido levels. If there is no release of sexual tension over time, the high libido levels tend to drop significantly.

According to research, high testosterone levels are correlated with high libido levels in the body. This creates a cycle which will continue in as much as the levels of testosterone are high. This goes on and on creating a positive feedback mechanism in the body.

Workout should therefore be performed when libido is high to give the person exercising the best results of the said exercise. While working out, diet taken should be centered on boosting testosterone levels so as to achieve the muscle gain desired.

Sex and focus
A lot of people have a big challenge in maintaining their focus during exercise. Some people become too attached to sexual activity that they fail to see the end result that they should be looking out for. If your focus is on sexual activity, your exercise results will suffer and vice versa. To counter this problem, discipline yourself to attain a balance between exercise and sex, both are important and should thus feature high in your daily undertakings. At times when the balance may shift, reconsider your actions and look at the best strategy to follow.

The bottom line is that sex and muscle growth are intertwined. You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time. A perfect balance can be found where you get to enjoy sex and gain muscles and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In so doing, you can look forward to fewer sexual problems as well as fewer health problems. It is also very important to get a good balanced diet that helps your body get all the nutrients it needs.

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