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Does Semen Make Women Happy?

Does Semen Make Women Happy
Does Semen Make Women Happy

Some men may be surprised to learn that there is actually scientific evidence suggesting that women who are regularly exposed to semen are happier. While there has been studies and research conducted for years on the beneficial effects male ejaculate can have on a woman's skin, it also seems that having unprotected sexual intercourse can also make a woman happier.

Does Semen Make Women Happy?

The first thing that should be made clear is that no one is suggesting that unprotected sexual intercourse is a good idea, only that women who come into contact with semen typically report less problems with depression. The study was published in Scientific America and discusses the various benefits of semen, among them the ability to act as a natural antidepressant. Most researchers attribute this to the serotonin that is found in most semen. Not only can serotonin help to improve skin tone and reduce fine lines, it can also act as a mood enhancer in most women.

A man's testes not only produce serotonin, but also the natural painkiller oxytocin. Not only is this chemical released by a woman's brain during an orgasm, the level can also be increased during male ejaculation. Not only can it help to relieve pain and improve moods, the chemical can also play a role in social interaction and increase a woman's libido.

Semen and a Woman's Happiness

Researchers followed over 250 women and their responses to male ejaculation. The compared women who had unprotected sex to those who used a condom, and found that not all semen is the same. Researchers learned that for there to be any benefits, the male ejaculate had to contain a specific chemical makeup and be fertile. It was also learned that women whose vaginas regularly came in contact with semen were happier. Semen also helped to lessen the frequency and length of depressed episodes in women who have already been diagnosed with a mood disorder. For most guys the findings of the study are not surprising, considering men have been advocating the benefits of receiving their semen for centuries.

The Problems with Semen

The main problem with the study's findings is that it almost seems to be advocating for unprotected sex. Unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are more common in men and women who indulge in high risk sexual behavior. It is important for women to remember that the mucus lined vaginal walls not only absorb the beneficial chemicals from a man's semen, but also any diseases or infections that he might be carrying. This means that it is still important for men and women to practice safe sex, even at the expense of a better mood.

While the results from the study are still being evaluated, the findings are good news for men and women who are in a committed relationship and have already experienced menopause. With the risk of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease dramatically lowered, women can receive and enjoy all of the healthy benefits associated with semen.


Even though the results from the study are still being evaluated, it is a good reason for older men to stay sexually healthy. Not only can older men enjoy sex with their partners without a condom, women can absorb the semen either orally or vaginally. Experience the closeness of being together again, and experience amazing orgasms. Men will love to see that her skin seem healthy, and her mood is dramatically elevated.

It is important for men to remember that having a woman ingest their semen is not a cure or a method of treatment for depression or other mood disorders. If you notice that she is experiencing mood swings or long periods of sadness and anxiety a health care provider should be consulted. Sexual activity and semen both have healthy benefits for both partners and simply engaging in intercourse is often enough to make her happy.

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