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Does schizophrenia bring on some symptoms that cannot be overcome?

This is a question that some individuals may answer with yes. However, there are also people out there that have dealt with all the symptoms and would say no.

This is a topic that can be discussed for days. Schizophrenia is an illness that has certain ailments that for some can be hard to understand. For many people schizophrenia can be managed in a way that is healthy to the extent of a normal lifestyle. For others it may deem extremely difficult to accomplish that feat. In my opinion, I think it depends on the approach one takes to the disease.

Coming from a person who has experience with this illness for thirteen years, I would have to say that for some reason there are symptoms that tend to stick around. It may be for a second, it may be for hours, but it has a way of showing itself sometimes. But that doesn't mean that it has effectiveness like it wants to. The disease that is.

On the contrary, I have pondered the analogy of being schizophrenia free. No symptoms at all. But in medical theory, unless something comes up to splice the gene, some symptoms will remain.

The other way of looking at the situation is this. There are extremely successful people in this world who have dealt with schizophrenia. For plenty of years they have had impeccable success defeating the illness. I would beg to say they are pretty darn good at putting schizophrenia in its place.

For people who have recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia there is one important thing to remember. Education on the illness makes all the difference in the world. Know about it. When you know about it, you can defeat it.

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