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Does RNC need abortion insurance? Does America really need an anti-Semitism czar?


Hannah Rosenthal (Jewish Women Magazine)

LOL.  Did you hear the one about the big time "pro-life" Republicans who -- since 1991 -- have been paying for an employee health insurance plan that covers abortions?

Well, at least it's not government-funded! Henry Hyde must be turning over in his grave.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says he will not let the RNC do it anymore.

But seriously, folks... Hannah Rosenthal, former director of the Jewish Council on Public Affairs and the Chicago Foundation for Women, is expected to be named, any minute now, as President Barack Obama's Special Envoy for Global Anti-Semitism.

That, according to reports on and elsewhere.

Just as I was wondering if America really needs a Special Envoy for Global Anti-Semitism -- like maybe we could think of a few better ways to spend our tax dollars -- I came across this tirade in the "Comments" section of Laura Rozen's Politico blog:

The only way to stop anti-Jewism is to stop the Jews from oppressing and abusing others. He can start by arresting the entire federal reserve board, AIPAC and all of Israel's spies who are selling our military tech to Red China.

I withdraw the question.

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