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Does reading to preschoolers help develop creative kids?

If you read, write, or think about healthy food choice stories or healthy exercise possibilities for kids, you may enjoy reading those stories to preschoolers to help them write their own stories eventually. More women and some men are reading to their preschool children in their curiosity and caring about brain health. Reading to preschoolers also helps them to develop more creativity with words and pictures because it becomes a familiar experience to them and to you, the writer of preschool books or educational materials for young children.

Does reading to preschoolers help develop creative writers?
Anne Hart, novel.

Can reading to preschool kids lead to the children becoming talented writers, communicators, speakers, or designers? You might have children draw first before they learn to write because the drawing can help the development of writing. There's also a curiosity about how much each state has progressed, for example, in taking measures for improvement such as reading to your pre-school child for years before the child enters kindergarten and begins to learn more about how to read.

Kids who were read to as preschoolers often get involved in contemplating the stories, enjoying them, and possibly writing their own creative works. You might also be interested in reading to your child, other children in a library, community center, camp, or classroom setting. Or your older child may enjoy reading humorous adventure outerspace-astronaut and their cats novels such as Astronauts and their Cats. Some women keep tabs on brain health by each state as part of health education.

America's Brain Health Index is part of a national health education campaign, Beautiful Minds: Finding Your Lifelong Potential. The campaign is designed to empower Americans to develop and maintain healthy, beautiful minds

See how each state has progressed, held its own or lost ground in taking measures to improve brain health over the past two years. See the site: Study: Iowa ranks low in brain health | TheGazette. People in Maryland and Washington, DC have the healthiest brains. See the site from the Washingtonian blog, Maryland, DC Have the Healthiest Brains in the US - Well+Being. The map is from the site, America's Brain Health Index. Thanks to their high consumption of docosahexaenoic acid-rich foods (DHA), notes the site, people in Maryland and DC have healthy brains.

Also see the site: The Best States for Your Brain - Healthy Living Center. Where does your state rank as far as brain health? Also check out the site, Howard Behavioral Health Network of Care. There's actually a campaign that was unveiled this year, in 2011 regarding America's Brain Health Index, a state-by-state ranking of brain health that delivers data on how well brains are working. See, Brain Health Critical as Americans Live Longer | Alternative Medicine.

Check out America's 2011 Brain Health Index. America's Brain Health Index is a state-by-state measure of the nation's brain health. See the website, America's Brain Health Index. Maryland has the highest brain health ranking. California doesn't rank too high. As America gets older, brain health -- that barometer of how just how fit our brains remain as we age -- has been measured for the sake of looking at health nationwide.

In September 2011, nutritional product company Life's DHA and the National Center for Creative Aging released the Brain Health Index, a ranking of American states (including the District of Columbia) by brain health. See "Brain Health Across the Country."

If a city-by-city index were taken instead of a state brain health index, do you think Sacramento would have excellent brain health or need improvement? You can check out California's brain health index at: The Best States for Your Brain.

California is not on the top ten listed. The index is evaluated the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia based on 21 factors including diet, physical health, mental health and social well-being. See how each state has progressed, held its own or lost ground in taking measures to improve brain health over the past two years.

The state-by-state ranking of brain health offers data. You can check out the site, Brain Health Index Healthiest States | Healthy State Rankings. Or take a look at the site, "2014 Research Symposium | Center for BrainHealth."

What are the 10 top states for brain health? Check out the site. For example, in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Washington State, the data ranks these states high in good brain health. Maybe it's time for not only brain health but to look into 'brane' health as well as in 'membrane,' considering the state of overall physical health. If you're a writer, you may enjoy reading to preschool kids, including the stories you write.

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