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Does prospect of European deflation weigh on silver price?

I'm not an economist and I'm not an expert on trading in precious metals on the commodity market. But I do buy and sell sterling silver pieces so I watch external market forces that impact my business.

A general rule I believe in is that as the rate of inflation grows, the price of precious metals may rise as buyers try to develop a hedge against inflation. Right now in Europe, central bankers and economists are worried about deflation. Even though the United States is in a different financial position from Europe, it is affected by world events. So, to my way of thinking, prices for precious metals will not rise significantly as long as deflation is a worry. Of course, some significant world event like a war could change things but if that does not happen, the world price of silver might be stagnant for a while.

Prices of precious metals did bump up a bit this morning in response to actions taken by European central bankers but similar actions in the recent past have not had a huge impact. So, the silver market may just drift sideways more or less until this situation sorts itself out through natural market mechanisms.

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