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Does pop culture have spiritual influence?

Time has proven that popular culture can and does influence spirituality. The question then should be “How?” Certainly, pop culture influence on spirituality can be either positive or negative. Consider the late rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. Many years after his death, Tupac’s musical lyrics continue to serve as a type of Bible for many inner city (and middle class) African American youth.

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It appears as though he spoke of their issues, problems, and concerns, in ways that seemed prophetic to them. Although he spoke of God and heaven, his lack of true understanding is apparent through some of his musical contributions, if his lyrics are to serve as an accurate reflect ion of his personal beliefs.

One could then be led to consider whether popular culture “preachers” are truly helping, if they are speaking from a vantage point of confusion. Are they spreading confusion? Tupac spoke of selling drugs as a means of surviving in a poverty stricken environment. If accepted, impoverished youth could adopt a “break the law to survive” mentality, which would undoubtedly lead to a great number of other issues, separate from poverty.

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