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Does One Person Make a Difference? A Tribute to Shaun Stephenson

Does One Person Make a Difference?

A tall dark skinned beauty graduated from Total Leadership Connections™ almost two years ago. We talked about her becoming a facilitator. She had such a light in her eyes and her love of people was palpable.

Off she went to Sedona to get a degree so she would have more ways to help and teach and give to others.

We stayed in touch. I was hoping for her return to the East Coast.

And then came that dreaded “C” word. I saw the power of Facebook where a huge group of her friends went on the journey with her. Every time she had a bad day we knew about how she was able to transform the pain into something etched with meaning and learning.

We all cheered her on. Shaun, beautiful, hearty Shaun would best the diagnosis.

Well, in her own way and in her own time she did. She became a magnificent teacher in how to face the mystery of living and dying with grace and dignity.

Shaun left us on May 18. And yet…..

She is one of those amazing beings who will live on in so many. Her voice inside of us will give us courage to do more and be more.

We all need to stop and think about the legacy we will leave one day.

Shaun’s legacy was one of helping us see the beauty all around us, no matter what.

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