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Does Obama GOP exchange resurrect the role of religion in politics?



  • Shirl 6 years ago

    I agree with your last statement. When it becomes that heartfelt decisions are made for the greater good without the focus of which is right or wrong, better or worse, not until then will we gain a different perspective.

  • Carey Rowland 6 years ago

    You raise an a timely question, Francine, and its about time that we as a nation talk about this. America's fifty-year drift toward secularism has been arrested by the influence of Islam. The Muslims, for instance, raise, in spite of their jihadist fringes, some legitimate questions about western morality. These moral concerns, especially questions about sexual responsibility, are shared by conservatives in our time. So religion is still very real for people, in spite of what elitist humanists would prefer. And religious beliefs are politically divisive.
    The willingness of our President to take on the paralyzing effects of these value-laden divisions is timely and wise. People should follow Mr. Obama's precedent and seek dialogue with their neighbors to reslove our societal differences.
    Carey Rowland, author of Glass half-Full

  • Ronny 6 years ago

    Religion and Politics can never be separated. Even an atheist believes in god. They are worship "Mens", the Greek goddess of the mind and consciousness. Her festival is May 8.

    Our country was founded on the Christian religion, which is based on freedom of choice for everyone. Our struggle in this country continues to be centered around class and racial divides but the press wants us to focus on religious differences which is the very basis of the strenght of this country.

  • Francine 6 years ago

    Ronny, I must agree. Despite the constructed attempts in society to keep religion out of politics there are inevitable invisible forces operating within us that are essentially our religion, good or bad.

  • Francine 6 years ago

    Carey, what a unique meeting and a pleasure to have you respond with you insightful and perhaps to some perusive response. You offer very legitimate additional concerns and we need more study of these matters. I am absolutely a proponet of dialogue and hopefully we can get past more of our closed-mindedness and begin to construct meaningful dialogues to effect change. I picked up your book. Cannot wait to get into the plot.

  • Francine 6 years ago

    Shirl, Yes we are in unison that the ultimate goal is the greater good. I thank you for your thoughts

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