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Does Miley Cyrus want to win ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth back?

Although Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ended their four-year relationship in September 2013, it seems Cyrus is still hung up on her ex-fiance. According to a May 23 Us Weekly report, "there's a part of her that wants to get back together. She's been lonely." Unfortunately for Cyrus, Hemsworth seems more focused on moving on. As an insider commented, "he wants to stay clear of her drama. He's been dating around."

Is Miley Cyrus still carrying the torch for her ex, Liam Hemsworth?
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After months of claiming that she is over her ex, why would she turn around and decide that she wants him back? Could a recent encounter have reignited old feelings? Last month, the "Catching Fire" star reportedly reached out to his ex-fiancee after learning that she was in the hospital. According to an insider, even though they didn't work out as a couple, he still cared about her and wanted to make sure she was okay.

However, it's possible that Hemsworth's well-meaning gesture backfired. He may have unintentionally gotten her hopes up for a possible reunion. According to Hollywood Life, "they were talking when she was back in LA, he visited her when she was sick. Miley must have got her hopes up, because she was trying to make plans to come back to LA and see him and he shut her down. He felt bad but he’s not into it."

During a May 11 performance in London, the "We Can't Stop" singer delivered an expletive-ridden rant about a man who had broken her heart. Discussing the origins of her hit, "Wrecking Ball," Cyrus explained, "I wanted to write a No 1 hit, something that would be on the radio — he would hear my song and will keep hearing it for the rest of his life."

The "Party in the U.S.A." singer insists that her Mother's Day weekend rant in London was not about her ex. However, given the emotional toll that the breakup took on her, as well as the timing of his recent visit, it would be difficult to believe that her speech had been about anyone other than Hemsworth. According to Us Weekly, "Miley was trying to get a rise out of Liam. She misses him."

Back in March, Radar Online reported that Cyrus had been feeling "more lonely than ever," and that she was devastated about not having a boyfriend or any meaningful friendships in her life. As an insider explained, "being alone has always been a fear of Miley's, and she tried to pretend after the split with Liam that she enjoyed her newfound freedom — but the fact of the matter is that she's painfully lonely."

Is Miley Cyrus still hung up on Liam Hemsworth? Was she trying to get a rise out of him during her London performance rant? Did Hemsworth unintentionally break her heart again during his recent visit? Did she get her hopes up only to be disappointed again? Does she actually have a chance at winning back her ex? Or has that ship sailed for good?

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