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Does Michigan or Michigan State have hotter cheerleaders? (20 Photos)

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There are many colleges and universities in the state of Michigan, but two schools, Michigan and Michigan State, are total standouts when it comes to college athletics in the state. One can debate whether Michigan or Michigan State has better college teams, but the real debate is; does Michigan or Michigan State have the hotter cheerleaders?

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To try and answer that question, here is a slideshow of 20 photos of the hottest cheerleaders from Michigan and Michigan State. Ten of the photos in the slideshow are Michigan cheerleaders, and the other 10 photos are Michigan State cheerleaders. The photos are interspersed. Which group is hotter?

Does Michigan or Michigan State have hotter cheerleaders? (20 Photos)

  • Michigan cheerleaders

The University of Michigan has a large cheerleader squad of some 40 members. The squad is co-ed and consists of 20 women and 20 men.

The Michigan cheerleaders perform at all University of Michigan home college football games, as well as at all Michigan Big Ten away football games and bowl games. The Michigan Wolverines have the highest game attendance of any team in college football, so the Michigan cheerleaders perform in front of huge crowds that usually dwarf NFL game crowds.

The Michigan cheerleaders also perform at all men's and women's home basketball games, as well as at tournaments like the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. The Michigan cheerleaders also sometimes cheer at volleyball and wrestling matches too.

In addition to getting free uniforms and travel expenses, Michigan cheerleaders also get $400 per term for book expenses for being cheerleaders. Michigan cheerleaders can also get scholarships through the Newt Loken Scholarship fund.

The University of Michigan sports teams are also supported by a dance team of Michigan cheerleaders. The all-women Michigan dance team of cheerleaders squad consists of 25 members who cheer at all Michigan home college football and college basketball games.

  • Michigan State cheerleaders

Michigan State has two groups of cheerleaders, the Green squad and the White squad. Both groups of cheerleaders are co-ed and both squads of cheerleaders have roughly 16 members or eight couples.

The Michigan State cheerleaders perform at Michigan State college football games, as well as Michigan State college basketball games and women's volleyball matches. In addition, Michigan State cheerleaders can be hired for tailgate parties, weddings, and other appearances. I'm not sure if the Michigan State cheerleaders get paid for other appearances, but the school does charge to have the cheerleaders show up.

  • Michigan State dance team

Michigan State also has a dance team of cheerleaders. The all-women Michigan State dance team consists of 20 members who perform at Michigan State college football games and Michigan State college basketball games.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the hottest Michigan and Michigan State cheerleaders. Which group is hotter? From the photos, both schools have hot cheerleaders, deciding which are hotter is up to you.