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Does Maliki have a point?

Maliki is following the Iraqi constitution that allows him until July to form a government. According to a report from an email from Foreign Policy, Maliki is rejecting the call for form a “National Salvation Government”. His view is that preempting the process would undermine political and government integrity. Maliki believes that his block in parliament won fairly and squarely back in April.

Nouri al-Mailiki is about finished
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The process isn’t working in a timely manner. The military is unable to defend the nation. Desperate times require desperate measures. Maliki has been identified by nearly everyone as being at the heart of the problem, therefore he must be toppled. He can go willingly or with a gun to his head, or worse if the Sunnis get to him.

There is a lot of talk about US Middle East foreign policy not working. There are also a lot of analysts who were once on point in Iraq who accurately anticipated that the Iraqi Army would crumble.

“Rick Brennan remembers sitting around Baghdad back in 2011 with some fellow U.S. military planners. Talk turned to the Iraqi army of the future. In one scenario, they pictured the Iraqi army falling apart, splintering along ethnic lines.

"We painted a worst-case scenario, a nightmare scenario, that was exactly what we're seeing take place right now," Brennan says.

What's taking place right now is an Iraqi army under attack by the Islamist militants of ISIS, who are capturing cities in Iraq's north and west. At the nation's largest oil refinery, Iraqi security forces are under siege.

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Brennan was on the last C-130 out of Baghdad in December 2011 and is now an analyst with the RAND Corp. He says that what those 300 military advisers will discover is hardly a secret.”

An average American watching the news and the scenarios play out for years probably have a good handle on the situation. It is not possible for the U.S. to solve problems that are thousands of years old and culturally deep. It can’t be done by outsiders. America doesn’t have the economic capacity to build nations from the ground up. We cannot afford such foreign policy.

That does not mean that America cannot improve its foreign policy. Middle East policy has been corrupted by “Big Oil” and lobbyists who have prevented Americans from transforming the economy away from oil altogether. They have corrupted and subverted the American political system and that is making it harder to solve problems here and abroad.

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