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Does Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson Have The "Right To Be Forgotten?"

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson wants to be forgotten, at least from the standpoint of false information housed on websites that were constructed by business rivals in order to bring his reputation into question. Gibson has been fighting to have the questionable websites removed from Google's index for nearly two years, and has had little success doing so. The issue is that the websites were constructed on Google's own "blogspot" platform which allows authorship to remain anonymous, and therefor shield the person behind it from being forced legally to remove the slanderous statements. The combination of the inability to be removed legally in the court systems with the fact that the entirety of the blogs are dedicated to Gibson himself creates a situation where the websites rank very well for searches for Gibson's name, and therefore become problematic as being perceived as true information when mixed into the results that are valid on Google's index. A potential business partner Google's the name of the person they are considering doing business with and sees more than a few questionable claims, resulting in them pulling their support for fear that the reputation is less than perfect. Since there is no vetting of information as true or false, many simply perceive a high ranking as true information. Nothing is further from the truth, and Lord Neil Gibson suffers as a result.

The "right to be forgotten" case in the UK involves a judgment stipulating that citizens have the right to petition Google to remove information that is "outdated, incorrect or irrelevant." This case was decided in the favor of a plaintiff who sought the removal of a past listing that no longer had bearing on his life, and through the victory Google must comply by allowing UK citizens to also "be forgotten" by having untrue information removed. In the first month, Google received more than 41,000 petitions to remove information, including those from Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. The actual method of removal is expected to take significant time, as the results must be human-edited and verified before being removed. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has filed the necessary paperwork and filed the requests, yet is now subject to the long line of individuals who have also requested the same. As of the time of this writing, there has yet to be a removal of any information or offending websites, and Gibson is still being slandered each day.

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