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Does ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo really see dead people?

Theresa Caputo a fraud?

Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s reality series “Long Island Medium” is being investigated for fraud. Now, this probably does not come as news as far as shock headlines goes. Perhaps it’s more or less just another name added to a list of questionable “psychics.”

According to Radar Online, viewers, audience members and even a private investigator believe Caputo’s self-proclaimed gift to communicate with the dearly departed to be nothing more than a hoax. They think she’s a phony.

The married mother of two, who often takes her show on the road, has been described by Ron Tebo, investigator and creator of fraud whistleblower website, as a “vulture preying on the most vulnerable.” Tebo went on to say, “She’ll ask the group a question like, ‘Who lost an older male relative to heart problems?’ It’s the oldest trick in the medium’s book.”

Even one of Caputo’s employees told him once that, “it didn’t matter if she was faking her powers, because she brought comfort and peace to believers.’ Tebo, however, insists that she is doing more harm than good. “She’s bringing comfort under false pretenses and taking advantage of vulnerable, grieving people. It disgusts me,” he said.

Radar has also obtained a list of complaints regarding her current tour where on ticket-buyer from Hershey, Penn said, “She seemed off and almost every reading was like pulling teeth to match up info. She was really grasping at straws and did a lot of fishing.” Among those challenging Caputo’s claim of being a medium are Wired Magazine and the long-running television show “Inside Edition.”

A piece written by magician James Randi in Wired Magazine reads, in part: “Caputo does what’s known in my trade as “cold reading.” The very best practitioners can pick up enough information in what seems like innocent, idle conversation to convince you that they know very specific things about you…”

“Long Island Medium” premiered in 2011 and quickly became a hit. You may not have to communicate with the dead or the living to see this show’s future, if reports are proven to be true.

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