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Does Jodi Arias deserve the death penalty?

Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias
Maricopa County Sheriff/Publicly available photo

A judge sided with Jodi Arias and agreed to delay the start of her death penalty trial, this Wednesday news report shares. That means there's still going to be a little bit more of a wait before a trial actually begins to determine whether or not the convicted killer will be put to death or be given life behind bars without parole. After it's been said and done, do people even believe that she deserves the death penalty anymore? She murdered Travis Alexander in 2008, and here it is six years later and she's still alive and barely convicted of his murder.

When this trial actually does begin, which is supposedly going to be on Sept. 29, it's all in the hands of the jury. They couldn't decide on what to do with her in the initial trial when she was convicted of Travis's murder, so if they can't reach a unanimous decision to put her to death this time around, the death penalty will be automatically removed from the table. She would either serve life without parole, or face possible parole in 25 years. It's hard to imagine that Jodi Arias could walk free from prison in just 25 years after brutally murdering Travis Alexander.

Does Jodi Arias deserve the death penalty? Or does she deserve one of the other two options (life behind bars, or possible parole in 25 years)? It's hard to gauge what the jury may decide, and it's certainly hard to determine what the public as a whole would want. The Arias/Alexander case has long been a hot button topic, and will probably remain so for as long as people remember who she is and what she did.