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Does Jesus find favor with much of American Catholic religion?

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"Though you pray the more, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood! Wash yourselves clean!" Isaiah 1:10-17

God did not find the sacrifices, religious incantations, and the pious gestures of the Israelites pleasing because their life was lacking in charity toward their neighbor. Their religion was an affront to God because worship comes from the heart, first, forgiven and Loved by God, then, responding abundantly with both love for neighbor and repentance for personal sin.

True religion is marked by a hunger to please God through graced efforts toward holiness (no matter the failings included).

Likewise, the question must be asked about the religion of a vast number of Catholics in America. Is God equally appalled by the 'religion' of Catholics who vote Pro-Choice? Is God repelled by the prayers of those who blatantly disrespect, and disregard, the teaching authority of His Son's Apostles in the Pope and Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church? Is He disappointed, and disgusted, with American Catholics who are more secular, more PC, more socialist, more progressive, and more pop driven, than authentic disciples of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ?

Now let's get a few things straight. The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the One Perpetuated Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, this is our salvation. There is nothing but Perfection and Goodness in this Sacrament, because of Jesus, both Sacrifice and Sacrificer. And those, through grace and faith, who participate in this Most Blessed Sacrament in humble obedience to God find nothing but Love from the Father of Mercy. But these people live the authentic Eucharistic Life, never bifurcating worship from their daily lives. For they worship God with Thanksgiving and Praise, and live in obedience to God as revealed by Jesus through His Apostles.

And then there are the rebellious cafeteria type. Though repentance, and conversion, is always an option, this side of the grave, the longer they wait, the more they risk eternal alienation from God, Father, Son, and Spirit.

So let us pray for those Catholics who have religion, but no Living Faith. And let us repent of our own lacking, and Live through the Eucharistic Jesus.

Truth be told, the world needs us to.