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Does Jamaica view Colorado with Jealousy or Insight

Even though the sale of marijuana is legal within Colorado, transporting the legally acquired pot is considered contraband once one leaves the borders of Colorado. Even at Denver International Airport there are warning signs concerning the “export” of marijuana beyond the state borders.

Thus it was with interest to note the cabinet of Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaica’s prime minister, has approved proposed amendments to the laws of Jamaica to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. On Thursday of last week Mark Golding, Jamaica’s Minister of Justice advised the government will soon present a bill in Jamaica’s parliament that will seek to expunge the criminal records of people convicted for possession of small amounts of the drug.

The revisions to Jamaica’s Dangerous Drugs Act would make possession of 0.057 kilogram or less an infraction that would result in a ticket rather than arrest. Ticketed offenders would be able to pay their fine outside of Jamaica’s court system.

While marijuana is technically illegal in Jamaica (see above link to Dangerous Drugs Act), pot is widely available in areas frequented by tourists, many of whom visit the country to participate in “ganja tours.” Now I am waiting for a Colorado entrepreneur to implement Rocky Mountain High Ganja Tours.

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