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Does grammer really matter in socail media?

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Does grammar really matter in social media? You tell me. Take another look at the title, notice anything wrong?

Grammar is spelled grammer and social is spelled socail. These may seem like small errors, but what does that say about your business? Many times a businesses first impression is made on social media. When a consumer hears about a new business they will either visit the website, or search for them on Facebook. If your business is making posts with poor grammar and misspelled words, your company's reputation takes a negative hit. Take time and ensure the posts from your business are both informative and well written.

Here are some tips for writing posts as a business :

Don't use slang such as: LOL, LMAO, gr8t, and others, you get the point.
Write in full sentences as if you were writing a letter.
Speak with an authoritative voice, after all, you are the expert in your field.
Have someone else proofread your posts.
Read your posts aloud before making them. You will often catch mistakes you may have missed when reading it in your head.

These are just some of the basics that will help your business posts not only sound better but give your business more credibility. While keeping these rules in mind, it is important to remember that social media is a more personal outlet for your business. It provides you a way build a relationship with your customers outside of your business walls. Relax and interact with your customers in a personal, but still professional manner.




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