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Does fitness live near you?

Welcome to The Land of Enchantment!
Welcome to The Land of Enchantment!
Mark Stanton

We all live in playgrounds; areas that give us interesting places to explore, discover, and see. They are places we can play, places that keep us trim, fit, and healthy, and yet we find ourselves struggling with obesity because we can’t find our way beyond the TV. Some say fitness is too expensive. Others say they live in busy cities making it too dangerous for walking. All the excuses in the world have led to an epidemic that is beyond anything we as a society could have foreseen.

We’ve stopped looking at the beauty that surrounds us. We’ve stopped exploring the rugged and rough wilderness that lays dormant outside of our dirt covered windows. We’ve stopped exploring grand cities looking for tiny out of the way shops, city parks filled with duck ponds and kite flying families, or even architecturally sound structures that make us gasp with awe and wonder. Gone are the days when we rode our horses into a bustling little town, or traveled an undeveloped land. It’s like we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a child, flighty with an insatiable curiosity and a wild free-spirit that fills us with the wanton desire to see and feel everything. We’ve replaced activity with convenient technology. We’ve replaced body shaping, heart racing activities with overeating and remote control clicking.

So how do we fix this? It’s easy, we stop making excuses, and start finding ways to move our bodies. New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, has a veritable treasure trove dedicated just to fitness. There are lanes devoted to bikers, trails for running, mountains for hiking, and recreational parks dedicated to all sorts of aerobic activity. And they’re free to everybody.

Aerobic activity is not just going to the gym, running on a treadmill for thirty minutes, and maybe lifting a few weights before hitting the sauna. Aerobic activity is anything that gets you moving in a constant rhythm with your heart pumping, thus working a cardiovascular system which for most of us unfortunately is pretty lazy. Aerobic exercise is what drops fat off your body. Sprints, running, and even walking uses our core muscles, and they shape up the areas us women most commonly complain about, you know, our abs, our hips, and our thighs. The best part, these are exercises you can do just by stepping outside.

If you’re lucky your area will be designed, hopefully like Albuquerque, with fitness in mind. However, if your city is not like Albuquerque then use your imagination and seek out the areas in your city that you can explore. Find the new wonders waiting to be discovered. Half the fun will be finding them, and chances are you won’t even think of it as exercise.