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Does Fate or Destiny have anything to do with finding true love?

'Dark Skies"
Michael Schuessler

It sometimes amazes me how against the grain we go, when it comes to the things we wish to accomplish in this lifetime. How is it that for some, love and passion seem to come really easily, and for others it is almost impossible?

Don't you wonder why it is so easy and effortless for some, yet for others you see them struggle and find so much pain and remorse within the relationships they acquire or participate in? Is there really fate? Or is it just the act of going against the grain that stops us from finding true love?

How can we tune ourselves into the power the universe? How can we attune ourselves to this power, the power of love, the power of desire, and the power of passion?

Do you sometimes sit and wonder when Mr. or Mrs. Right is going to come along? Do you sit there and think to yourself am I ever get to be able to find true love, am I ever going to be able to experience a deep desire and passion with someone else? Or is it all up to Fate when this happens?

This is what I believe; I do believe when we truly accept ourselves and love ourselves we send out a positive signal, and that signal is what others pick up upon. This is when it becomes easy and when we can say yes, Destiny truly brought us together. I also believe that when we dwell on the negative experiences that have come to pass, we send that out to the universe also. This creates a kind of urgency, and this urgency to find love creates a similar situation which will probably fail again in the long run.

So how do we delete the negative experiences and create positive new experiences when all we have to draw upon is the failures of the past, and when these failures end up consuming our minds and our actions?

What I'm about to say may seem quite easy, but I know it really is not, you got to beleive to heal!

We must begin by accepting Fate. There is a reason relationships break down, the main reason is we try to force our own ideals upon our partners. In essence we try to change them and mold them into that; that we've dreamed about and that which we beleive they should be. We only do this after we've been in the relationship for a while and when our partners do not totally rise up to the occasion or in essence fold to our will. Thus the Fate of trying to change our partners hits us, and we lose that which we wanted so dearly from the beginning.

Now how do we get rid of those negative thoughts? First we must pour love into the situation, and recognize that maybe their shortcomings were really our own. If you think about it, they really are of our own making. If we didn't examine everything our partners did or didn't do for us, or consume ourselves with why, he or she didn't love or appreciate us as much as we did them etc. etc. We wouldn't create similar situation over and over within our lives.

First and foremost, we must learn to love and accept ourselves. Thus we can accept love from others more easily. If you love yourself, you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you project energy, a positive loving energy out to others, and eventually out into the world.

We must always remember that what ever we think and feel affects each and every other person on this planet. We are all like radio stations some are full of static, others pour out beautiful music, some are talk radio, others news. No matter what type of energy you project it will be received.

Thus when you go out to find love you will tune into a station that you desire and others will tune back into you. We just have to clarify our thoughts and desires and that starts with ourselves. Then when Fate puts its hand into the mix and presents you with a partner, that partner will accept you and be exactly as loving and caring as you are, at the very minimum they will be set to your station. Yes there are situations that spring up that seem horrible and are actually just that, horrible. But we need to recognize that there is something that we are doing that brings these situations upon us. So if you truly believe in yourself, love yourself and desire life, you will send out that energy to others, which will draw them to you.

So back to Fate, I do believe that there is Fate, but I do believe we control that function of life to a certain degree when it comes to love and our passionate relationships. Even when it comes to other aspects of our lives. All we have to do is believe and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes there is a hand of Fate in the things we do and the people we meet, the places we see and experiences we create, that hand is within us.

Stop going against the grain, when a relationship fails within your life, look on the experience with love. Challenge yourself to do this and you too can delete those negative and the static impulses from your tuning station, thus clarifying your love and desire, so that perfect someone comes to you, and so you experience that which you've only dreamed about. Love is the law and you too can change your life and relationships in a positive way, which in turn will change the world. [Cpoyright Michael Schuessler]

-Michael Schuessler-

Michael Schuessler
, author of the sex and sensuality classic, ‘The Holy G-rail', Please visit his website, to see all the different forms of Michaels works of creativity.

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